Friday, February 3

Overdue Sorbetto

I was getting dressed this morning and decided to wear my satin Sorbetto, dark jeans, boots, black cardigan.  And then I realized I never did post pictures of it after talking about it so much.  I'm such a slacker.

Mr. Lina took this prior to us going to my friends Christmas party, front lawn of our house, I was so cold and grumpy while that was being taken.  Yep, it's February and I'm posting a December picture, I am *that* much of a slacker.  This is exactly what I'm wearing except for the jacket.  Even the stained glass necklace (which is reversable, it's purple silk on the other side).

So let's break down the good and bad...
  • Love the feel of wearing it
  • Love the length on me
  • Love the loose around the belly but don't look pregnant
  • Love that as 100% polyester, I really can't kill it in the laundry
  • Love how it looks with this stretch corduroy jacket
  • (wasn't my MIL spot on with buying me that jacket?)
  • The flutter sleeves worked out well, if I'm too hot at work it's appropriate alone
  • I like the ruffle at the neckline instead of bias tape
  • Armhole is high enough to cover my bra but not uncomfortable for movement
And the problems...
  • The bust darts are miles apart, one is about where it should be and the other is too high on a bad angle
  • The hem is twisted a little, not noticeable to anyone but the grain of the fabric is diagonal in spots
  • I think I did cheaters French seams (good call because this frays like crazy) but I didn't do a great job of trimming so there are spots where there are tiny threads poking through, again, I know what they are from but they aren't noticeable
So, everything that is good is great, and the not so good aspects probably aren't noticeable to anyone but me.  Even the bust darts.  With the pattern, I didn't notice the discrepancy until I had worn it a bunch of times. 

Okay, and speaking of December vs February...   I am all for mild winters.  I am okay with not shovelling snow although I do miss snow shoeing.  I get that green Christmas is pretty common for this part of Canada.  But my crocuses have decided it is spring.  My lilac bush has some green buds.  They are going to be seriously disappointed if February decides that winter really does exist and slaps them with a foot of snow.

Debra Lyn Neufeld is presently at my house, hanging out with Mr. Lina.  Time to get my own show on the road and head home...


  1. It looks great---I agree, no one but you is ever going to notice those minor little flaws. I'd love to see how the flutter sleeves look---maybe sometime when it's a little warmer out,though.

    My kids have been asking me if it's spring...

    1. Thanks. It is hard when you are so close to something you made. I think most of the little flaws are from the fabric sliding around on me.

  2. making a sorbetto is on my growing list. looking forward to seeing a picture of the sleeves (hint)

    1. I see a theme in comments. I'll do up a little more detail on the sleeves.

  3. I printed off the Sorbetto but never got around to making it....I almost never wear blouses and couldn't justify making a sleeveless one. Maybe I'll have to investigate putting in sleeves?

    That's a lovely top and the pattern looks good on you. Nobody will ever notice the bust darts, the RTW ones are so often wonky anyways!

    1. I've found it pretty versitile. It doesn't feel like wearing a formal blouse, so much depends on what fabric you choose.


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