Wednesday, December 21

Tea Towel Progress

Today is flying by and I need a momentary shift in brain so a quick post with tea towel posts and a bit of debate.  The green set for my mom are done, but the picture is brutal.  I took them quickly this morning before heading to work and they are all dark.  I've lightened these, but the green ones have colour in the background that just doesn't look right. 

First, progress on the blue tea towels.  These are Paris themed because Clone's wife went to university in Paris.  I'm half way through a cafe scene.

I really like this one though, sorry it's hard to see the pencil, but isn't the dress lovely?  The Eiffel Tower in the background sets the place without hitting you over the head with the location.

Now for my brother Scot, his wife loves to travel.  She spends 3 months at a time in Australia (I don't quite understand, but it seems to make them happy).  She has family in Scotland as well that she likes to visit.  So I'm temped by this image from the book.  The tags all say Paris here, but I'd change them to AU or SCOT or UK or whatever.

But... she also really likes tea.  And it is a tea towel... so that would be fitting.  The book doesn't have tea for embroidery, but they do for cross stitch.  I could smooth out the lines for some of these images.

Decisions, decisions...


  1. Hmm, I'd go with whatever is quickest and won't frustrate you, since you're on a deadline. When I'm down to the wire, I'm not going to fuss with learning a new skill or any of that. Both designs are lovely.

    I liked your chili rolls recipe in the last post! We call them cream cheese rolls or salmon rolls, depending on what people here put on them. The little cans of chilis are about 4 oz, I use them in a ton of things.

  2. Good point, luggage it is. It will be easier to transfer over.

    Glad you liked it! Yeah, that's the size, they are pretty handy to have in the pantry. I haven't tried a salmon version, makes sense to me that it would pair well with cream cheese. Same book has a "cheesy ham ball" that uses cream cheese and a can of ham and seasonings, but it's usually put out like a spread. I've done that with tuna and salmon before, I could see that working well as a roll.

  3. Epiphany, I forgot that I won't be giving gifts to my family until Boxing Day. Yay time!


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