Thursday, September 29

UFO #2

Last night I did step up to work on my second UFO.  I used Butterick 5147, I can't remember which dress view, I think the one with the wider skirt.  I have successfully done the top twice, tweaked it a bit as it gapes across the chest.  I figured I could do the dress.

My mom has been passing a lot of fashion fabric to me.  She hasn't sewn clothing for ages, most of this is from between 1970-1984.  Past that she was sewing as a business (occasionally for the three of us) instead of herself and it gradually was easier for her to buy clothing for us than make.  She gave me 4 pieces of somewhat sheer fabric a few months ago and this boarder print was my favourite.

I am honestly not sure what I was thinking when I decided to pair this pattern with this print.  The dress is lined and being sheer, that works well.  I have some stretchy beige fabric that will work well as lining.  But it has a back zip, it's too long, I was so worried about centering the fabric, I didn't think about where the flowers were going.  I was trying to puzzle this out last night and in following the directions, managed to create a Chinese finger puzzle by sewing the neck closed and the arms and trying to turn it out like the directions.  In the directions, there is a back zipper, so the back pulls through in two halves, not so with my version. 

Such a pretty boarder.
 I can fix this, I will fix this.  I will figure out how to put in a side zipper.  But not yesterday.  Not today.  I am realizing this became a UFO because I needed distraction and steps to follow, and this requires creative thinking.  That's just not me today.

I was at my parents house for a family dinner two weeks ago and I was given more of Mom's stash.  It's woolly and scratchy, definitely needs a lining.  The colour is a little more orange than I typically wear but I could work with that I think.  There isn't much, about a metre, I think it's going to have to be a skirt when motivation hits.

I am having a real Jamiroquai week.  I don't listen to a whole lot of truly current pop/dance/whatever, but I have a huge love for Jamiroquai.  I first heard Emergency on Planet Earth on my first day moving into residence at university, thought it sounded like Stevie Wonder on acid (and I loves me Stevie Wonder).  So, I end this post with a video.  I love the funky dance stuff, but some of the slower songs don't get the attention they deserve.  So Butterfly it is, it's a long version, but oh so pretty.


  1. That is some gorgeous fabric! I hope you get it figured out.

  2. Hope you figure the dress out. Usually I make my worst mistakes when I can't visualize where the steps are going in my head. Sounds like that's what happened to you here. Patterns with non-intuitive directions are my curse.

    I hate lining! The material, the buying of it, the process of doing it, everything. However, it's a necessary evil sometimes as you noted.

    Nice video, I'm familiar with Jamiroquai but have never heard this song.

  3. Tanit-Isis - Oh I will, it's too pretty to languish. I'll just have to tackle it on a weekend when I'm in a puzzle solving mood.

    LSCG - It's the visualizing I'm lacking here. I think it needs more active mulling time to figure out what needs to change.

    I'm glad you liked the video. When Mr. Lina realizes I like something, I end up with everything vaguely related to it (which is why I have not only the series, but all the sound tracks to Charmed). Through Christmas and birthdays, I have every single, every remix, the DVD for the entire "Live at Montreaux", it goes on and on. I love it, but it's turned me into a Jamiroquai geek because I've seen nearly every interview (including Jay Kay visits to Top Gear).


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