Saturday, September 17

One Fine Day

One of the first independent folk/roots musicians that Mr. Lina and I became fans then friends of were The Undesirables.  They were our first house concert, Corin Raymond and Sean Cotton have both also played our basement for their solo work. 

This song is on Corin's first solo cd, but they wrote it together so they often play it as The Undesirables.  I'm afraid people are a bit noisy in the background in this video, but it's a fine performance.  If the noise distracts you, there is another video here: but I couldn't figure out how to imbed it.

One of the things I like about Corin and The Undesirables, they write lyrics that are really open to interpretation.  Corin writes about lonliness like no one else and maybe most would hear it as lonliness of being single, it leaves me feeling the space in my heart for children.  This song is one that makes me cry, it makes me feel sad about all the crap we've been through and it gives me hope that I'll get through this and more. 

Gimme just one fine day,
Let me wake up laghing.
Give me one fine day
Let me sleep where I am safe
Give me just one clear sign,
A sign of where I'm going
Let me feel the sunshine, let me feel it on my face.

Lately, the line in the chorus of "Let me sleep where I am safe" has me thinking about the children who are up for adoption.  The ones that don't have somewhere safe to sleep.  Of even if it's safe today, will it be the same safe place tomorrow?  Those children need signs, they need the security that comes with waking up laughing. 

Ah, I seem to be having a "big feeling" day as Stellar Parenting would say when talking about her boys.  It's hard to know what to do with those feelings sometimes. 


  1. Great song! Thanks for introducing me to someone I hadn't heard before! I always enjoy discovering new singers/bands. I also like what I think of as "pensive" music -- the stuff that lets you wallow a bit in those "big feeling" moments. Tindersticks is one of the bands that I listen to at those times.

    By the way, I tried to comment on your undies post above and the comments aren't working?

  2. I'm glad you like it. So much great music is under the radar, I like bringing a little attention to it. Corin is often playing in Toronto (Cameron House most Thursdays) or house concerts/festivals across Canada more so than the US. They have toured Australia a few times, Corin isn't allowed back in the UK for a few years after getting caught playing without the right visa. But he has a good story out of it. Sean is going back to school for social work, but he is often found around Toronto/Huntsville. I'll have to check out Tindersticks.

    I managed to post a comment on that post this morning. I hit post and ran out the door yesterday so I don't know what was up with the comments not working. I didn't change the settings. So strange, thanks for letting me know.

  3. I had a listen to Tindersticks, I liked that very much.


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