Thursday, September 15

I promised fabric

At the outset of my post yesterday, I said I'd post fabric next for my glassy eyed readers.  Who knew you'd actually understand? 

However, I have not been fabric shopping.  I have been fabric ogling at Falling Through Your Clothes (this in particular) but I managed to resist going to Fabricland on my way home from a clients office this afternoon.  I was pretty proud of myself for holding the wheel steady as it started to go on autopilot to the right.  I thought I had a piece of fabric similar to her, alas no.  I think I was smoking crack, or it speaks to how your stash changes when a year goes by between purchase and looking at it again. She has a lovely black and white satin with circles, I have this:

Thread is there for scale, those are BIG circles.

In getting the brides lingerie made, then getting the house ready for overnight guests, I really made a mess of my sewing room.  I think some clean up has to happen before I'm productive again.  For the moment, I will drink my rooibos (vanilla at the moment, perhaps apple pie later on) rather than sew it.

Sigh, what a mess.  There is rooibos tissue over on the sewing desk, that is my ill-fitting Sencha hanging on the rack.  The black & white satin is in the corner by the closet...  I gotta get organized.  Hopefully shame will help. 

I posted Lekala 5432 a bit ago, the version I made for the holidays.  I'm wearing my polka dot summer version today, clinging desperately to warm weather that just isn't happening here.  15C isn't too bad, but that wind makes it feel a whole lot colder.  I thought adding a little sweater would be enough, but I felt under dressed.  Maybe with tights it will transition to fall better, but it's a thin rayon.

I think I need practice taking pictures.  I really don't like any of them, they were all a bit blurry, but that's as good as it's getting today.  I have a bit of work to finish up and then off to a birthday event for my sister in law.  I can't say I'm looking forward to the drive into the city, but it's the right thing to do.


  1. Don't worry, I can't take pictures in front of a mirror either! Your photos look adorable, some of mine turn out totally hideous or obscured by flash or both. I have a tripod, but that would require that I learn to use the self-timer and I' challenged, to say the least.

    I LOVE that Lekala dress, it's so cute on you. I think you could get away with a heavier sweater on top and tights, and that should winterize it. Also perhaps a full or half slip? I find things are so much warmer with slips.

  2. Oops, forgot to comment on the fabric! I like it, but I have a penchant for wildly overscaled inappropriate prints. I can see how cutting out the fabric without locating the bulls eyes over a strategic area could be a challenge, though. Why do I never think of these things in the store?

  3. I am generally not the photographer in the house, I'd rather live a moment than see it through a view finder. We bought a new very fancy camera so in some ways I'm claiming our little point and shoot. It's not a bad camera, I could probably learn a bit about the settings.

    Thank you so much for the compliment! I feel very pretty in this pattern, all 3 versions. Tights would definitely make a difference. A slip is a good idea too.

    And the fabric... I do like it, I probably didn't phrase that well, I find it amusing my memory turned all those rectangles and circles it into perfectly repeating connected circles. I don't know what I had in mind at the time, possibly bras actually given that it's stretch satin and heavily influenced by a sale. Placement will be key when I finally get around to using it, you know that big circle is going to end up in the worst spot if I dont.

  4. The dress is cute, and I agree, I think it would winterize well with tights and maybe a slip.

    A self-timer isn't hard to use... usually there's a button somewhere with a circle/line thing (looks vaguely like a clock.) If you don't have a tripod, a bookshelf can work well. I don't think I've ever had more than three mirror shots I was willing to post (and that's usually only because I'm really lazy or there's people occupying the rest of my house so I can't use my usual spots.)

  5. I think I have to figure out a good place for pictures in the house. Given the state of my sewing room, there isn't really a place to stand never mind take pictures at the moment. ;)


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