Wednesday, September 21

Kwik Sew, what were you thinking?

Any one else fans of Pattern Junkie?  I find her writing style hilarious.  I've had tears streaming down my cheeks from some of her entries.  I have sent links to Mr. Lina because I couldn't keep it to myself.  I bow to her on what to say about this pattern.

I know Rooibos is the next project on my mind, but I am tired tonight, not up to working on the muslin etc.  I figured I'd go through my fabric and maybe sort it into some order rather than just which box had the most space when I bought it.  I also looked through my patterns, there are a few gaps in my closet, I thought a flip through would be helpful.

Two years ago I bought a cute little top/dress pattern and made it up for a couple of close friends when they had babies.  Based on that, Mom figured she could download a lot of her patterns for kids on me.  I hate saying no, but I try to pretend these aren't in my collection most of the time, I don't really want to sew for other peoples kids.  Which would be why I never noticed this:

Who on earth thought it was appropriate to pose a little girl in her slip like a playboy centre fold?!?  I get that you end up with some weird poses to hide their chest with the half slips (although how tiny is that kitten?  is it a toy? and where did everyones feet go?), but then you drape the little girl with that creepy pose.  Kwik Sew must have been the pedophile equivalent of the lingerie section of Sears catalogue for pre-teen boys.  I looked to see if Pattern Junkie already had this and I don't see 238, but I do see Kwik Sew Shenanigans

I can't believe I have had this pattern for 2 years and only noticed it now. 


  1. I keep thinking I should sew stuff for my friends and co-workers now that they're popping babies left, right, and centre. :P I have not yet done it, except for my nieces. I'm thinking I should just whip up some random baby pieces (I have a surprising number of patterns in this range despite never buying any ever) from scraps and then I'd have them on hand when the need arose.

    But that would take time away from sewing for myself.


    As for the pattern illos... well, for the one you linked to I'll stand by my comment there, but I agree yours is a bit provocative... Although I hate the super-paranoid frame of mind required to see this as anything other than some cute little cartoon girls. >_<

  2. What freaks me out is the different sizes of the girls. I mean, the gal in front is positively Brobdingnagian relative to her peers. And yeah, that pose is weird but I used to watch TV like that as a kid so....

    I have never felt skilled enough to make my friends something when they had kids. However, I do know someone who is expecting and I'm thinking I might crochet a blanket, since I can do it in front of the TV and it won't cut into my sewing time....

  3. @ Tanit-Isis - The problem with sewing for little kids is they grow so freaking fast. You have to love them to pieces for it to be worth it. Better to go with accessories like bibs they grow into.

    I hate being super paranoid too, I think of how much time I spent alone walking or on my bike and my parents would be charged with negligence these days. The other picture amused me more for the nose picking.

    @ LSCG, I found the size funny too. I guess it's suppose to fit ages 2-6, and she's the 6 year old. The others look a little chubbier too, in a good baby fat way that should indicate they are the 2 year olds. I guess...

    Maybe it wouldn't seem so odd if she had a book in front of her.

    The other advantage of a blanket is that they won't outgrow it.

  4. What a sick person to think anything wrong with this child in a pretty slip. Looks like some women are as sick as some men.


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