Wednesday, September 7

Fall Sewing Objectives

I really do want to make the focus of my blog about sewing.  There just seem to be a few things going on lately that aren't sewing.  So here is what I will be sewing:

1.  Lingerie for the bride.  The bachelorette is on Saturday so that needs to start tonight.  I think I've done more than enough thinking, it's time to get to cutting.  I'm hosting the party so time needs to be allocated for house cleaning too.  I went to start on this and realized I didn't measure her under bust.  Silly me.

2.  Rooibos.  I missed the sew along, but that's okay, we all sew at our own pace.  I have traced the bodice pieces, but not the skirt/pockets.  I want to do a muslin of the top half, I'm mostly worried about how it fits at the bust. This is the fabric I have in mind.  It's pin striped on one side and plain on the other.  The colour is a bit redder than the picture.

3.  Bras.  I have made quite a few and really only had one that I liked and then the front clasp broke.  Most have ended up with too much space at the upper cup.  I'm a D cup, but the fullness is not across my chest.  Here are the patterns I have at the moment (with the Rooibos fabic behind them):

  • Elan 510 - The only front clasp bra.  So far this is the bra that worked out best and I bought it because it's hard to find a front clasp for a 38D in RTW.  I've had fails from not pre-shrinking the satin and wouldn't go around by the time I was done.  One of the first versions I didn't realize that seam allowances were not included.  On something as fitted as a bra, that's a HUGE difference.
  • Elan 645 - I've made one up, and I like it, but again, too much fullness to the upper cup to bother with straps.  I think with some tweaking it has a lot of potential. 
  • Kwik Sew 2101 - Oh my this was not designed with my breasts in mind, you can fit a fist between my chest and where the straps meet the upper cup.  The one version I made of this fits my MIL well, at some point I'll finish the straps and send it to her.
  • Kwik Sew 3166 - well, this is more corset/bustier than bra, but so far I've chickened out.  I'll make it eventually, but probably not yet.  I need some functional bras before I make Mr Lina happy.
My parents go to Florida for February.  Two years in a row now I have bought a whack of stuff at Sew Sassy and shipped it to them to save myself the customs fees.  I bought all of my bra patterns from them.

4.  Sencha  I will make Sencha work.  The one that did work fits my work wardrobe well and it's been fun on the weekends too.  I'd like to try version 2.

5.  Whatever suits my mood.  :)  I come up with these goals and lists and generally make half of it.  Either something else comes up (which reminds me, Halloween is not in that list) or I just don't feel the passion to do what is on the list. 

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