Friday, September 9


It's not an early close Friday, pout.  But.. it is quiet here.  Some kind of marketing summit so 90% of the people on this floor are gone.  My work ethic and interest today is abysmal.  I'd rather be sewing.  I'd even rather be house cleaning.

So what's going on at my house?  Mr Lina is driving at the moment to Montreal.  He will be returning at some point on Sunday.  I wish I could join him but I'm hosting the bachelorette.  Well, hosting, not so much organizing, another friend is dealing with all the details of the party.  So far the plan is pot luck at my house, off for pole dancing class then off to a pub and then many of the partiers will stay at my house for the night.  Possibly a second bar if dancing is not an option, if there is a vague spot that we could dance, we will.

It's going to be an odd bachelorette in some ways.  This is the last of my university friends to get married.  Most of them have kids now and most of those kids are under 3.  As a result, a few can't make it (you know, the four week old baby trumps bachelorette) and I suspect a few won't drink at all.  So maybe 8 people, and if 4 are drinking beyond a single glass of wine I'll be impressed.  I'm going to do my best to bring a little crazy, the bride deserves it.  She brought on the crazy at my bachelorette party.

I have struggled with this group of friends, I can feel some of them drifting away.  When we do get together, it's like time hasn't gone by at all, but I struggle leading up to events.  We did monthly dinners for a while, a way to have casual meetings of the girls more often so if you couldn't make one it wasn't a big deal.  Two in a row people announced their pregnancy, one was the day after Mother's Day.  The other was a week after she and I had traded multiple emails about her fathers death and one of the very short pregnancies, so she wasn't ignorant of my pain.  She was surprised and I am sure she was hurt when I couldn't say a heart felt congratulations.  Another friend now has 4 kids, she never told me about any of her pregnancies, I'd just show up to a gathering and get a sucker punch of a big belly.  As a result, if it's the whole group of us, I actually go a little mental leading up to it.  I've cried driving to events, Mr Lina opted not to go to Christmas with them last year because there would be too many babies and bellies.  I arranged for the bride to pick me up so I wouldn't chicken out.  As a suggestion, you are better off dropping a line to infertile friends before announcing publicly.  I'd rather get an email I can read at my own choosing and reply when I'm ready and can say a genuine sentiment than be told with people around.  Ultrasound pictures on Facebook are not the same as a very brief email. 

So how much progress did I make on the outfit?  Not much.  I went back to my sewing room after posting, the 3 pieces of fabric (2 bottom cup, one top) made more sense and went together fine.  Then I went to do the other cup and did it wrong again.  My seam ripper and I were getting to be good friends.  At that point, it was well past time for bed.  Here's hoping a clear head tonight will make for smooth progress and pictures of the finished outfit.  House cleaning & errands will have to wait, gifts can't.


  1. I frankly think you are badass for trying to make lingerie at all. Scares the bejeebers outta me. Good luck!

    Yeah, some friendships stand the test of time and some don't. What's been surprising about my thirties is how many of my friends have dropped off the radar -- for years, even -- then have crept slowly back. Once people get past certain self-focused stages, they realize they miss you and the social groups start up again.

  2. It started after I got married. I looked over the lingerie I was gifted and thought, hmm, this is elastic and stretch lace, I can do this. I have certainly challenged myself more and more as the years go by. I wouldn't do it for anyone who wasn't particularly special to me, but that's true for any handmade stuff.

    I think if this wasn't a specific group of friends, they would have disappeared a while ago. Because there is a set, keeping close to 2-3 keeps me in touch with all of them. It also helps that one married my husbands friend (after meeting at our wedding). It doubles the reason to see them separate of the group and they come out for many events that we organize. Hopefully it really is just a phase.


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