Thursday, September 8

Bra Sizing: Clear as Mud

I mentioned yesterday that I forgot to take the band measurement on the bride.  How foolish.  So I figured I would ask her bra size knowing most people don't quite have it right, but I do have her bust and upper bust and I know what she looks like.

So she says she is a 38D, but recently was measured as a 32FF (or G) but didn't believe it.  I kind of figure they are probably on to something here myself.  I looked up my handy dandy chart in The Bra Makers Manual  and the underwire for a 38D is the same as a 32G, she's just wearing a band that is too loose.  Now the bra I want to base it on (Elan 510) doesn't do a 32G so now I'm doing some quick adjustments to make the 38D cup fit to a smaller band.  This fabric is pretty stretchy for a daily wear bra so I would have done that anyhow, but now I have a concept of how much.

It's all cut out and I'm having some geometry issues putting the cups together.  I don't know why but tonight it's just not fitting together right.  It's going to look good if the pieces would just cooperate.  I thought maybe stepping away to check email might help.  Here's hoping...


  1. I don't get the bra-sizing thing at all (well, I sorta understand the theory but I wish they'd come up with a better system). Most measurements say I'm an A cup, B at best, but the underwires for A and B are way too small. Blerg. Good luck with figuring it out! :)

  2. It is a bit bizarre, isn't it? I think hearing she was an FF cup really had her in disbelief thinking that's just huge. And not that it isn't busty, but it's all relative. Hearing from me that it's the same underwire seemed almost calming to her. Have you ever tried making a bra?

  3. I haven't tried yet... mostly because I'm small enough it's easier to just go without. Which isn't saying I never will, mind you... :). It does tempt me intermittently. The delicacy and precision puts me off, though ;)

  4. Precision is truly the word. Seam allowances make a huge difference. The other challenge is using a consistent fabric for muslins. Like your comments about knits varying in stretch and behaviour, it's worse when working on something so fitted. I've given up with muslins out of anything but the final fabric because it's just not the same.


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