Sunday, September 11

Morning after the night before

Oh I am so not 20 anymore.  We had a grand old time at the bachelorette last night.  Much good food, good presents, laughs, alcohol, and dancing was had.  It all suited the bride to a tee.  Somehow I managed to push a glass of water on the bride at the end of the night but not myself, so I woke up with a headache.  Not truly a hangover, but I think it was a sleep deprived headache.

And how did I end up sleep deprived?  It's that gift at fault.  Lessons learned:
  1. It will always take longer than you think.
  2. Just because you've made something before doesn't mean that you won't screw it up.
  3. Don't sew at 1am.
That last point may hint at the sleep deprived status.  Thursday night I stayed up well past midnight and managed to sew two seams wrong.  The cutting was all fine, I didn't screw that up.  Friday I started around 7pm and granted there were some breaks, but I was mostly sewing until 1am and it was past 2 when I fell asleep.  The specific lesson comes from trying to sew the underwire channeling into the cups while over tired.

I generally screw this part up so you'd think I'd learn, but even with my notes that make sense to me when I leave them, they don't when it's 8 months later.  The process is to sew the channeling into the cup seam allowance, then cut the seam allowance and turn it into the cup for a partial band bra.  It is important to sew on the correct side of the cup (which is not really intuitive) and the correct edge of the channeling.  I did one thing wrong on one cup and the other thing wrong on the other cup.  I didn't realize the wrong side of the cup until after the seam allowance had been cut.  You want to talk about precision sewing?  Yipe.

What sent me to bed was when I looked down to see this:

The problem here is that the front closing bra is first basted to the cup, then you sew the channeling, turn the channeling, sew the channeling twice to get that nice 2 lines of top stitching.  And what to I see?  I cut the seam allowance too close and it's now fraying.  That little bit of fabric is going to take the brunt of pressure to hold those breasts together and it's fraying.  Under 3 rows of stitching.  Black thread on black channeling.  The channeling has it's own line of stitching that my stitches are on top of.  It's a nightmare to unpick, but that's what I was facing at 1am.

I chose to go to sleep.

I will post more pictures of the final result tomorrow.  But lesson learned.  Less sewing at 1am.

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