Saturday, September 3

Ragweed, how I loathe you.

Much as I love my birthday, fall colours, warm days with cool nights, fall means one thing to me.  Sneezing.  I have always suffered with fall seasonal allergies.  I was sent home from school in Grade 1 with "pink eye".  My mom explained to my kindergarten teacher on the first day of school that no, she did not beat her child, I was not accident prone, I just wouldn't stop rubbing my eyes so there was some bruising. 

So far this year hasn't been too bad.  Slower to start and pretty managable.  Today I was out and about more than usual, no air conditioned office to hide in on the weekend.  Between the farmers market, the LCBO, the grocery store, out for lunch... I've been outside a fair bit and antihistamines help but not enough.  First frost, I would love an early hard frost and then have a lovely warm autumn.

No sewing today.  Between errands and the guys needing silence for recording, it just didn't work out.  I'm too tired now to focus on something new.  Tomorrow is my relay triathalon and the party, early to bed tonight...

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