Friday, September 23

Friday rambling

Oh it's going to be a long day here.  So far it's off to a good start with a decent commute, but the to-do list is long and it needs to be done today.  I'm going to ramble a bit to clear out the cobwebs before I focus on work.

In cleaning up my sewing room, I found two UFO's.  One is from Stretch & Sew 1595.  It's a pattern I have inherited from my mom.  The pictures on my pattern are a bit different, but it's the same pattern as this:
Courtesy of
I made View C without the shoulder ties in early 2010.  I get a lot of compliments on this dress at work.  The neck as drafted is really high and the facing huge, I cut it lower.  I made a belt from 5" elastic that I put over the elastic waist.  Here is my first version of it with a tie belt from another top.  The other change is that I cut it too short forgetting it would drape, there is a 2" tube to make a bubble hem at the bottom.  It's a bit lost in the print but it moves nicely.  Sorry the picture is so small. 
I cut out another version, a geometric print in blue, brown, white and black.  The issue is the neckline.  I guess I tried cutting it lower, then it kept going off centre.  I remember putting it to the side a few months ago, I haven't quite got back to it.  The back of the neck wasn't sitting right, it's still not quite centred, the facing was driving me crazy.  Well, I futzed around with it last night, cut off the annoying facing, it's going to take some creative work to make this right.  I did not find the solution last night.

I guess part of the issue is that I don't love the fabric.  It's nice, but brown/blue just isn't that exciting the way purple is so putting it to the side was easy.  I'm also debating about making it more tunic length and making it a casual top rather than a dress for work.  The lower neckline would be okay if I do that.  I was talked into buying tights when shopping with a friend in March.  I have yet to find a way to style them that I like.  My tops just aren't quite low enough for me to feel comfortable in the outside world. 

The other UFO I'll talk about separately, but the issue here is the opposite.  I love the fabric, it's from my mom's stash from the 70's I guess and I'm afraid of screwing it up further. 

Well, that's enough stalling, time to get stuff done.


  1. Wow, I love that dress -- it looks so much better than the pattern pic! I've always avoided Stretch and Sew because their pictures are kinda dowdy....but I hear the results are better than one would expect.

    I try not to have UFOs, so I'll plug away at something until I make a catastrophic mistake or decide I hate the fabric. If I hate the fabric, that's it -- I know I won't wear the thing so why bother? On the other hand, if I LOVE the fabric, I'm terrified to cut into it.

  2. Thank you. The pictures don't really inspire the imagination, do they? Being my mom's patterns, I remember some of the things she made from them. Granted she was styling it 80's style, but it's better than the pictures.

    Finishing projects is not my favourite part, I need to want to wear it tomorrow to do those last little things like hemming. Sometimes I think the UFOs I have need some time in the magic closet to come back to. Like I put on the dress and thought, really? You got this far and walked away? But after puttering with it, I kinda see why. I'll tackle it again.


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