Sunday, October 2

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was a pretty busy day so I think today is going to be as low key as it gets.  If I'm dressed by 2pm, I'll be impressed.  Friday night I worked on another Sencha blouse, it just needs snappers/buttons in the back.  I will do that and hopefully have some pictures to share soon.

Mr Lina's birthday is tomorrow, he decided he wanted to celebrate with a "Shitty Movie Night".  We host SMN a few times a year when he gets the itch or I'm going out with friends overnight.  Boys come over, they watch horrible movies, eat snacks, Mr Lina and one friend generally buy the most horrible, cheapest scotch they can find and share the bottle.  It was a good time with old friends and a few new friends from the movie project and rather fitting for his birthday.  Last nights entertainment included Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version of Space Mutiny and closing with The Crippled Avengers.  All horrible movies, but entertaining in their own way.

I should remember to take pics prior to the event.

I went through a phase of wanting to bake cakes when I was about 23 I think.  This was not overly successful.  First problem being that my stove was no where near level.  My attempts at 7 minute frosting never quite turned out.  Eventually, I decided my appetizers were better, there wasn't a need for me to make cakes anyhow.  But birthdays are special and we weren't doing anything crazy for his birthday, I thought a me-made cake would be a nice touch.  And it was.  Chocolate sour cream cake and mocha chocolate butter cream icing both actually turned out.  Both recipes were from my Better Homes and Gardens  New Cook Book 1982 edition (apparently first printed in 1930).  One single serve of Taster's Choice made for a nice mocha flavour (Mr. Lina loves coffee so mocha seemed appropriate) in the icing.  I had a half jar of sherried raspberry pear jam in the fridge, I used that for the filling in the centre.  It made for a really moist and adult chocolate cake between the sherried jam and coffee flavouring. 

We also went to see my fertility specialist and it was rather anticlimactic.  He wants me to see an immune specialist in Toronto.  Um, why didn't we do this last year when I was sending blood to California?  Ah, well.  With what we have planned through Oct/Nov, the frozen embryo transfer wouldn't happen until January anyhow so I'll go talk to another doctor.  This guy isn't a fertility specialist, but because he is an immune specialist, he has many clients who have repeated miscarriages.  Here's hoping we get in to see him soon-ish, you just never know how far out specialists are booking appointments.

I have mentioned that Mr. Lina had a movie project this summer.  I have a trailer to share.  Keep in mind the film is 18 minutes in total, it's tough to show enough in a trailer without giving away all 18 min of the film.  Although this is a comedy, the special effects are awesome so aspects are kinda gross and the film itself is most definitely adult in sexual content (not actual sex or nudity, but talking about sex).  The trailer is tame.  I bring you.. The Post-Lifers.


  1. I got 15 seconds into the trailer -- er, blood and guts and I don't mix. Looks exciting either way!

    The birthday party sounds like a blast. Glad you had a successful cake and your description made my mouth water. I started learning to cook right after college (what is it about one's early 20s -- is that just part of a nesting instinct or something?) and it took me a while to get proficient at it. Worst results were at my first apartment in LA, where the oven was decidedly antique. That coincided with my attempts to bake bread....let's just say I haven't tried to bake bread since then and leave it at that.

    I have some hand-sewing to do this afternoon as well. Nice and relaxing for a Sunday!

  2. lol... I'm sorry, it is pretty realistic and they put all the gross parts up front. It's just latex that they are pulling, really.

    I have gone through so many phases with food. Maybe nesting is part of it. I grew up hearing stories about my Nana, the parties she threw, the food she made, I've always wanted to be like the stories I was told. I do remember her cooking well, but Alzheimer's was starting when I was about 13 or so, I didn't go to any of their truly big/crazy parties.

    Buttons & snappers are on. There is still something wonky going on in the back, but I think it's good enough to wear to work. I might just tuck it in to hide the iffy spots.

  3. All the parties you host sound like incredible fun! We are such boring homebodies... (doesn't help that hubby largely refuses to make friends out here)

    LSCG, if you skip past the gruesome bit, it gets really funny. Now I totally want to see the film. (My cousin's a film-maker in Quebec and, while I love him dearly, the stuff he makes is very, ah, artistic.)

  4. We both like hosting, you can't drag an uncooperative husband into hosting. I'm actually happier hosting a party than going to a party, so maybe that makes me a social homebody. We'll be doing more events in the near future, house concert season starts Saturday.

    I'm glad to hear the trailer worked to get you hooked for more. It is true to the spirit of the movie, like Spinal Tap or Best in Show for zombies.


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