Monday, September 5

Adopt Walk 2011

One of the options that Mr Lina and I may persue in the quest to be parents is adoption.  In some ways, that's the reason I started this blog.  I had been commenting with my LiveJournal account to sewing blogs, but that log in is too close to real life for me to be open about our winding road to parenting.  I wanted to understand more of the realities of adoption and where better to get the birds eye view but blogs?  But here I was, my own thoughts and questions, but not really feeling like I could join in on the conversation.

So this is a round about way to promote Stellar Parenting.  It is a blog about a family who have adopted two brothers who had bounced around a bit in the system before finding the right parents.  I've found it a facinating read and absolutely inspirational.  J is participating in Adopt Walk and is running a raffle to raise funds.  For every $5 that you donate to the walk, she will give you a raffle ticket.  I am earning a raffle ticket for directing people to her blog here.  She has some super awesome prizes and I'm hoping to win the scarf she will knit. 

I think stemming from this I will share our story.  It's not a happy one yet, but it has made me into the person I am, it has made my marriage what it is, and it colours my perspective.  But the story is too long for this post and Stellar Parenting deserves her own space on adoption.


  1. Oh, dear, I could lose days on those foster care/adoption blogs... I think often about trying to become foster parents "some day"---someday when we're stable, ready, have the resources (energy) to do it right. On the other hand, I think of the stories of friends of mine who went through foster-care and think "Man, anything I did would be better than that..."

    Good luck to you, whichever avenue you end up following.

  2. It really pulls heart strings, doesn't it? She isn't posting any more but I read through The Accidental Mommy in about 2 weeks from start to the present. I read them and think, yeah, I think I'm up for that. Mr Lina, well, stories I think are uplifting have him thinking, are you kidding me? I'm not up for that. But I've always thought he will be a better parent than he does of himself.

  3. Heh... I do wonder how my hubby would handle children with attachment and behavioural issues. He's a great father, but challenging kids take a lot more thought and self-control and I don't know how into it he'd be. On the other hand he's got a major white-knight complex, I'm pretty sure I could sell him on rescuing damaged children... still, it's something that's a long way off for us.

  4. For so many things, you really can't know how you will really do until you are there. Attachment issues seems to come with it's own set of rules that I wasn't aware of until reading into it. As you say, more thought and self-control. With the amount of time we spend talking about parenting kids we don't have, I think we've got the thought part down pat. ;)


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