Monday, September 26

And the stash continues to grow

I really have to get sewing.  It's much faster to buy than to sew, but what's a girl to do when Fabricland has a 50% off sale and I have time to kill before a party?  The party Friday was around the corner from my clients office.  Given that Mr. Lina didn't want to come, I figured I'd stay at work a bit late, kill some time at Fabricland, add a stop to the liquor store for a house warming gift and I'd be on time. 

I was good, at least, by my standards.  I only bought 3 pieces of fabric.  First, plum stretch satin.  I have wide stretch elastic that will match this perfectly for a bra.  I bought 1m, it's enough for some pretties.  This picture has a bra I made (and loved until the front clasp broke) and you can see how much better this satin will match the lace than what I used before.

Second, soft grey corduroy.  It has a little stretch and it's oh so soft to touch.  I bought 2m.  I blame Lazy Subcultural Girl for this purchase because of her lovely skirt.  I showed my husband and he said pants and I thought Clover... so we'll see, there is a pant buzz starting to work at the back of my head.

Third, a knit.  Look at this, this is a Seraphinalina fabric.  All purple and print-like.  It has nice drape and feel to it.  2m again.

So end of shopping trip.  All told, the bill was $45 for the fabric and fray check (also 50% off).  Not too shabby.

This is the fabric for my unloved dress that will likely be a tunic.  Nice, I'm not saying I don't like it, but I don't feel the excitement that I do about my purple fabric.

And this is a fabric I bought a while ago and didn't post.  It has pin tucks running through it.  It's cotton, a nice shade of burgundy (another favourite colour of mine) and it's a little narrow.  I'll have to measure it when it's out of the wash.  I dunno what I'm going to do with it, but it was on super clearance so I wasn't turning it down.  I'll find the right project one of these days.  That spool of thread is actually red red, the fabric is darker than the picture shows.


  1. Awesome stash! I love the pin tucked material and of course, the corduroy. However -- if I recall correctly -- you have not made pants before, right? I wouldn't start with corduroy for your first pair. As much as I LOVE le cord du roi, it does have the tendency to "travel" while being sewn and takes some getting used to. Stretch twill or lightweight denim are both easier to work with. Especially if you're doing Clover -- it's a close-fitting pant, so you would want something with stretch anyway and corduroy would really be too heavy for it. Just my 2 cents, feel free to ignore.

  2. Oh I'm quite sure I won't make that into pants. The key here is that I'm a muller. An ex-boyfriend used to tease me that ideas need to move from the back of my brain to the front. A little mulling time and I don't remember why I objected. With sewing, there is a pretty long mulling period while my brain figures out how things all go together. The fact that Clover popped into my head at all has me realizing the mulling has begun.

    Although that does actually have a bit of stretch to it, I think it's going to be a skirt. At some point. But it was your skirt I thought of while I was purchasing it.

    I have 3m of the pin tucked cotton, it's got to be 45" wide. I think it's going to be one of those fabrics I hold onto rather than cut because it seems too special even if it was cheap. Pretty sure I paid $3/m for it.


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