Friday, September 2

And it's here!

Happy birthday to me!

So it's Friday, another early close day and my birthday. I have a hair cut scheduled at 3pm so there will be pampering.  Mr. Lina is still sick but shows some improvement.  I think he will be up to some kind of low key birthday celebration. 

The mechanics have decided to celebrate my birthday as well.  They can't find the issue I have with the car, but they found lots of brake/suspension safety issue type stuff.  I would rather that their birthday wishes did not have a $1,300 bill, but I do like it when the car stops.

On Sunday, we will be really celebrating my birthday.  I will swim that relay triathalon in the morning.  750m at Kelso conservation area, I won't be fast but I won't drown.  I'd honestly rather swim 750m than run.  Given my lung capacity, I suspect a lot of it will be back crawl.  I'm probably one of the few people who will do that, but I like back crawl.  I can breathe as much as I want and it's way faster than breast stroke and my butterfly just sucks. 

Then we will have a party.  So far there are 18 adults and 3 kids, so it should be a full house.  We have held a party on September long weekend for a few years now.  We hosted our first house concert September long weekend of 2008.  Mr Lina and I paid for The Undesirables to come so people would get the concept, it was a Summerfolk/birthday surprise arranged by Mr Lina.  I was like a 16 year old girl waiting for a boy to call with that show.  Anyhoo... we generally do up a whack of food, it's super casual with kids running in and out, I like it.  We do so many house concerts now it's actually kinda nice to have something a little less... organized from time to time.

So I will see about posting this weekend.  Maybe we'll figure out what the birthday girl should wear to her party?  Tomorrow I'd like to spend doing three things:  1. Farmers market to buy foods for party.  2.  House cleaning, people are coming over and Mr Lina has been too sick to do much of that this week, he generally doesn't want me doing much for my own birthday party but this cold has really knocked him on his ass.  3.  Sewing.  Mr Lina will be busy cutting a trailer for the movie he's producing so I figure I can hide in my sewing room while they all work in the basement.

Now to focus on work so I CAN leave at 1.

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