Monday, September 5

I survived!

Muah ha ha!  Look at me go!

The relay triathalon went pretty well.  My time was 20:52 for the 750m swim.  Good enough to place 2/4 of the people doing relays, but if you looked at my age category of 30-39, I would have been 31/45.  Still, given my crappy sinuses, lack of practice, I'm quite pleased.  Really, my goal was to finish, coming last would be okay, I have no idea what to expect as a "good" time.  The 30 people who had faster times than I went on to bike 20km and run 5km so I imagine they were in better shape than I was. 

Mr Lina hasn't taken our pics off of our camera yet and I'm not totally sure how that new camera works so I may post more at a later date if there are good ones there.  But my dear friend the bride was doing the relay with me and the groom took both the above picture and this:

Bathing caps are evil.  They use them to separate age groups.  So as a blue cap, I was a relay swimmer.  Relays swam with "the rest", quite likely 50+ but I'm not totally sure, I know there were mostly gold caps and some orange (so 50-59 and 60+?).  They send us off in waves, so this picture shows my group just getting in and settled while the age wave ahead of us is already swimming. 

My blue cap and lack of wet suit kinda stands out in the crowd.

And then coming back to shore.  Take that pink caps!

So all in all, glad I did it, would likely do it again next year if schedules work out and they need another swimmer for the relay.  It also reminded me how much I like swimming.  I really should get out more.

I was up at 6:30 or so for the triathalon, home by 11:30, then food prep, house cleaning, failed attempt at a nap and guests from 5pm to 2am.  Today is low key for me, mostly reading, Mr Lina has people over for further movie tweaking.  A few muscles are sore in my arms mostly, but better than I expected because they hurt after pushing the last 100m to pass those pink caps.  I'm too brain dead and sleepy to sew I think, and they need quiet for recording sound.  Still, sewing has to happen soon, I have to have the outfit ready for the bride on Saturday.  Sigh, it always seems like you have more time than  you do.

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