Tuesday, March 6

Mish Mash of Catch Up

What a weekend.  No time at all for sewing, although fabric did arrive.  I'll post about all the great music when I get the picture of Ben and I (in Renfrew) off the camera.  Short version is that the music was all fantastic.
The clinic called on Friday - reception with an appointment time.  I missed the call so I was half listening to the message when I heard the appointment is for March 10th.  8 days from the time they called, that's... unheard of.  Someone lit a fire under someones ass to find an opening for me.  So, I'm going to take that appointment with a huge smile.  I'd rather see my doctor than broken telephone through a nurse, but I wasn't so interested in the potential 2 month wait.  So, we'll see what he has to say on Saturday morning.

And fabric...  My parents came to the house concert on Saturday with my box of fabric in tow.  I still haven't had a chance to really pull it all out (never mind wash it), just enough to get a quick peek and put it to the side prior to guests arriving.  I ordered some denim and it's super dark and a nice weight.  I chose dark because I do wear jeans/casual to work on Mondays and Fridays but I still think darker washes look more work appropriate and while denim may fade to a softer colour, it will never get darker (without help anyhow).  I bought this silk charmeuse jacquard with Pendrell in mind. 
I don't think I noticed the dots when I was looking at pictures on line.  It's quite pretty but I still haven't pulled the full length of it out to see it all.  The bright colours in the picture are true to the fabric, it is vibrant.  The navy modal and the light plum bamboo jersey felt soft and I like the colours, but I'll have to take pictures at home.  Fabricmart seems to be out of stock on the same skus. 

You know what's funny is that I think I am a different shopper online than in store.  I do occasionally buy solids in person, but it's been driven by people talking about linen or ponte knit and so I buy some wanting to see what the fuss is about not so much because I am excited in store.  In store, I bring home prints like my Renfrews or polka dots like Lekala 5432, or a texture I love.  But online, I mostly bought solids.  I'm not sure that print in person would have really caught my eye, I would have seen more yellow than purple and thought it was too busy.  I am happy to have all of what I purchased, but part of me is looking at the box wondering what I was thinking about when I ordered it.

I have a confession to make.  I may need to enter a 12 step sewaholic program.  I am addicted to my Renfrew shirts.  Because I go to different offices on different days, I can rewear favourite clothing without worrying about someone noticing beyond Mr. Lina.  He likes my Renfews so I'm not hearing complaints.  I literally wore them Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  I did a single load of laundry just so I could wash them and wear it again that night (there were other clothing in the load, I just didn't NEED those clothing).  But no one saw me wearing them twice (of course the down side is now I can't wear them for a week).  They are just so perfect, knits feel casual enough for weekends and with jeans or a fun skirt, paired with black dress pants and heels and they look office appropriate.  Two is just not enough. 


  1. At least you are addicted to sewing Renfrews, I am addicted to sewing panties! 8-)

    1. Nothing wrong with sewing panties, that's pretty practical sewing in my books.

  2. Everybody is addicted to sewing something; might as well be Renfrews! I used to be a Lolita skirt girl myself....now I'm all over the map.

    I don't buy fabric online, but I know what you mean -- I NEVER buy solids when I shop in mainline fabric stores. When I make the occasional excursion to the Fabric District, that's when I buy all my denim and solid, businesslike colors. Quite often, that's what I end up wanting to sew too. It's just easier than trying to match a print to a pattern, even thought I love prints.

    1. I am always bad for wanting to wear whatever is new and exciting over and over. Having two versions of the same shirt is making that so much worse.

      It isn't all that often I buy fabric online. I get into enough trouble at Fabricland, add the potential hassle at customs, not feeling the fabric and it's rarely worth it to me. But... it sure is nice to take advantage of shipping to my parents once a year and get a little of fibres I don't often see here.


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