Friday, March 16


Another week over and done with.  I like March Break, my drive to work is so much better without teachers on the road and extra people on vacation.

Remember how I said that my in laws like to spoil us?  And I'm not always so good at accepting?  We are going to buy a queen bed tonight as a gift.  I shouldn't have any mixed feelings about this.  Our bed is getting up there in years although still in good shape.  The guest room bed, however, is creeky and a foam pad only goes so far.  Really, my in laws want us to get a new bed so they get the one we're using.  Still...  it took me more than a minute to be excited about it.  My first thoughts were about the details, all the dust and crap I don't want them to see under my bed.  Then do I want a queen?  We are snuggle sleepers, I'm not overly keen on King beds in hotels because I can't find Mr. Lina in the middle of the night and it wakes me up.  My ass sometimes knocks lotion off my night stand because the bed is presently that close to my night stand (although that's also functional so I can reach my glasses and see the clock without them).  But I have decided that I'm being silly, I will say a very heartfelt thank you and show excitement at the store tonight.

Tomorrow we're going to St. Jacobs farmers market.  St Jacobs used to be where Mennonites shopped, then they realized they could make more money selling to the public than to each other and it's now a bit of a functional tourist destination and the Mennonites shop elsewhere.  My in laws are fascinated with it and generally happy to go.  I love buying at the market from local farmers for once it's completely win-win.

Sunday, we will be going to the Toronto Sportsman's Show.  I do try my best to find anything vaguely interesting.  Perhaps the fashion of life jackets or admiring the colours on fishing lures.  I really do try because the rest of them all find it great fun.  Perhaps they will have cammo fabric for sale, although I actually already have a bolt of really heavy green cammo (gifted to me).  I like swimming, I like fishing, but even with fishing I just want to hang out on a boat, I don't care nor understand why one rod/lure is better than another.  Although I will cut my own beef heart to bait the hook.  I'm not that much of a wimp.  Oh... but I don't take the fish off the hook, it's too wiggly.  I'm not scared, it just slips out of my hand. 

I could use a little sewing time.  It's visits like this that are wonderful but make me value the time of being along in my own head working on a project.  I was chatting with my brother Clone, it's funny, he struggles with the same things as me with his in laws.  Although he has not experienced hosting inlaws, only visiting, but it's the same themes.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. Be careful you don't get a super thick mattress, for instance 22" thick, they can be expensive to buy sheets and mattress covers to fit, 17 to 18" are easier/cheaper to outfit. I admire your graciousness in accepting this gift. Have a good weekend.

    1. Duly noted. We ended up with a pillow top but nothing crazy. My in laws also insisted on buying Egyptian cotton sheets while we were there so I hope they fit.

  2. Hehe... if I could afford it, I would totally buy all my inlaws new beds so we could sleep on the old ones when we visit... because the hida-beds etc. all blow! (I may have exercised similar thinking when I bought Osiris's grandma new pillows for Christmas a couple of years back. Osiris said "But she likes the ones she has!" I said, "Even better, then we'll get to use these exact ones.")

    It felt so lonely the first few nights we were in our Queen (after years of having a not-quite-double.) Then I got used to it. I wouldn't want a King, though. I do wish we'd had the Queen-size when the kids were little and always in bed with us, though...

    (and I'm a big fan of the Temper-pedic mattresses, as seen on TV ;)... best thing ever :), not just because it arrives in a box you can actually fit in your back seat)

    1. I get to find out how lonely the Queen is tonight, it arrives today. I'm sure we'll adjust, it's not like going from the double to king.

      The bed we were sleeping at their house was awful, not quite a double but it had a double foam mattress to try and hide how bad it was. I'd think there was more bed because of the foam and damn near roll off the side. Apparently they have bought a new bed there.

      In fact, they have bought 6 beds between the lake and home and thus negotiated an incredible deal at Sleep Country. I was actually a shade embarassed at how many times "can you do better?" and "look at our file" came up.

  3. Hi. I just nominated you for A Sunshine Award. If you want to accept it, go to my blog.


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