Tuesday, March 27

The Addiction Continues

I did have time to sew this weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.  What did I sew?  Renfrew, nothing but Renfrew.

First, was for my mom.  So that was unselfish sewing that I haven't taken a picture of.  Mom picked a floral rayon knit.  It's pretty vibrant, but she can pull off bright colours.  Here's hoping it fits.

After finishing that, I got to thinking about my own Renfrew collection.  I love them, but they are too warm (and polyester) for summer.  There was about 20cm of the 60" wide fabric left when I was done with Renfrew #3.  It's pretty fabric and when I came across some thin black knit (quite likely ponte knit but I'm not 100% sure) I thought this could work well.
I tried taking pictures outside this morning, but the sun just seemed to cause problems.  Either I'm totally bleached out like at the top, or it ended up super dark where you couldn't tell where the pine tree ended and I started.  But.. .the bleached out colour is good for showing black I suppose, at least you can see the wrinkles etc.  The above picture is my backyard, this is my front yard.

So the "inside" of the cowl is the same rayon that I made Mom's shirt from, the outside of the cowl is black like the rest of the shirt.  I am thinking now I could have done the arm bands in the same print, I have enough for that.  But maybe this way is okay, it's like wearing a black t with a permanent scarf.

Now under that shirt is my Elan 645.  Honest, post is coming.  I thought I lost the little doohicky that makes the little memory card fit into my computer, but no, Mr. Lina put it away.  I'm just more excited by what I'm wearing today because it's new.  You can see the seam line of the bra at the side. 

The black fabric was a whole lot easier to work with than the rayon knit.  Getting that to fold in half was a serious pain in the arse.  It just kept shifting or clinging to itself and I'd think it was matched perfectly at the selvage but still have wrinkles at the fold like indicating it wasn't quite perfect.  Cutting took way more time than it should.  The black folded nicely, has a little slink to it so the fabric didn't grip itself when folded, sewed lovely.  I am glad that I bought a lot of it.  I didn't remeasure, but I think I bought 4-5m.  Now that I've used it, it will be top of mind. 

As I was cutting this one out, I folded Renfrew back into the envelope.  I will likely return to it to make the scoop neck t at some point, but folding it up will get me to move on to something else for a while.


  1. Sometimes it really is worth the time and effort to make a full pattern (not a cut on fold), this may have been one of those times? I am not an expert, but maybe try taking the outdoor pictures with flash on, you probably wouldn't be so pale. I seem to remember that from one of my many photography classes.

    1. That fabric was definitely one of those times. Hindsight it's what I should have done. Next time...

      Okay, I'll give that a shot. I figured out the timer, I should be able to figure out how to turn the flash on too.

  2. Great idea with the contrast cowl. Very stylish.


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