Friday, March 9

Friday Ramblings

  1. Thank you to JillyBeJoyful, I didn't realize that the double word verification was on my blog.  Honestly, I'm not that worried about spam right about now so I'm happy to turn it off until it seems needed.
  2. I'm wearing my purple Renfrew, I wore it on Monday too.  Renfrew has me doing one load of laundry more frequently so I can rewear them.  This also works because I often only have enough time in the evening to wash and dry one load prior to going to bed anyhow and is keeping me well stocked in panties and socks (the usual reason to do laundry)
  3. Remember the bra I started?  Then got distracted by pants and Renfrew?  I'm back at it and while the band is rather tight (possibly too tight) it's not looking too bad although a little retro in shape.  It still needs hooks at the back, elastic across the top (which I am hoping will solve some upper cup issues) and straps, but getting the channeling and underwire in let me have a sneak peek.  I can't believe I started that in January and still have not finished.  Where did the time go?  Oh right, Renfrew.  Never mind.
  4. I don't want to do work today.  Not at all.  Happy to be here, don't really want to do it.
  5. They installed new food service coffee machines with my Thurs/Fri client.  I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but man that mochaccino whatever was pretty tasty.  The longer I work here the closer I get to being an actual coffee drinker.
  6. CAS still has not sent me information on adoption.  I've sent a follow up email. 
  7. Research continues on dress forms, I do love each and every opinion expressed, keep them coming. 
  8. We're seeing our fertility doctor tomorrow, seems a bit surreal for some reason.  I am looking forward to it, even when he has bad news (and lets face it, I am never seeing him face to face with good news) I feel better after seeing him.  At least there is a plan at that point.
  9. Any tea drinkers out there?  I am a tea whore, I will drink just about any kind of tea - black, green herbal, rooibos, etc.  Present favourite is Loyd wine infused tea I bought at Starsky's after hearing raves from R's mom.  I do not have any with me at the moment and that makes me sad.  I have tried Traditional and Plum.  Both are good, I initially liked Traditional better, but after a few cups, Plum is winning out, there are two other varieties still to try.  Maybe another mocha-whatevery will make me feel less sad.
  11. D&D after work tonight, ordering in pizza and then the game will begin.  Incentive (in theory) to do work.  I am guilty of picking away at work and suddenly realizing it's 3pm and I have 8 more things to do before I go home and leaving late.  People are arriving at 6:30, it's generally 45-75 min drive home from this office, I can't do that today.
  12. Mr. Lina passes a little hobby farm on his way to work.  He is getting very excited that three of the sheep are getting very fat.  They are often just sitting on the ground rather than walking around.  The llama and donkey seem to stand near them in a protective way.  Perhaps there will be lambies soon and I will get daily updates on what the lambies are doing and how big they are.
  13. My inlaws are visiting next week, arriving on Wednesday.  I love them, I have truly won the in law lottery, but I sometimes struggle when they are on my turf and moving my stuff around.  I went a little bat-shit crazy the first time they visited after we were married feeling like everything was criticism and I should have anticipated everything.  Doing things to Mr. Lina's apartment didn't bother me, moving my stuff in my house did.  Serious cleaning of things I don't want them to clean, purchasing of things I do have brand preferences for, and hiding things they don't need to see needs to happen prior to their arrival.  I don't need another bottle of Windex entering my house just because they can't find the two they bought in previous years. 
  14. Mr. Lina is now sending me links to pictures of pregnant sheep and lambs.  Sigh.  Welcome to the world of infertility where lambies represent your desire for children.


  1. 1)I had actually gotten kind of used to the new word verification (since they took out the opposite-colour circle it had for the first few days), but they are still annoying. Wordpress doesn't have anything like it and I haven't had any issue with robotic comments getting past the spam filter.
    2)I pulled out my Renfrew pattern to compare with my knit sloper for alterations. Hopefully I'll get to that over the weekend. Yours have inspired me to try out the cowl version.
    4)Can you tell I don't really want to work either?
    5)I'm not a coffee drinker either, but usually those fancy machines make a decent cocoa.
    6)Poopy CAS
    7)Exciting dress forms!
    8)It's good to have a doctor who is *satisfying* to see, isn't it? Also good to have a plan.
    9)I'm a tea-drinker, but not a tea snob. I like lots of different tea, but for around the house and while working I like to stick to a black tea, strong with plenty of sugar and whitener.
    10)Yay weekend! Ours is going to be a doozie, but at least there's a fabric sale. Or maybe that's not a good thing...
    11)Lambs are cute, but baby musk-ox are cuter.
    12)Ah, inlaws. My MIL does dishes when she's here. Which is lovely because I hate doing dishes, but awful because she's a way better housekeeper than I am and it shows.
    13)See above about baby musk-oxen.

    1. I don't mind doing it to comment, as you say, you get used to it, but it seems a bit... overkill for a blog that isn't generating a ton of traffic. Why give readers one more reason not to comment?

      I like my tea just as is, no milk/sugar. I probably have 2-3 teas at work, one on the way to work, maybe tea in the evening at home. It can't all be caffeinated so it's often herbal, peppermint or rooibos.

      Oh you are totally right about musk-oxen. Too bad there aren't some of those on the hobby farm.

      Did I read fabric sale? I look forward to seeing some of that.

  2. I too, did not know I had word verification turned on. I am grateful to Jilly as well. I am also a tea lover, have you tried Mighty Leaf tea? I prefer Vanilla Bean (black tea) or Earl Grey. It ain't cheap so wait for it to go on sale, which it does frequently where I live. Ah in laws. My MIL passed away several years ago, while she was alive her visits were never a cause for celebration for me. However once we moved away from our home town and lived at least 2 hours away by plane the relationship improved somewhat. It never was great. I always tell my friends that complain about their sons or daughters girlfriends or boyfriends or whatever, "shut up, that could be the parent of your grandchildren and you could create a rift that will never heal".

    Good luck with the doctor's appointment. I will be thinking good thoughts for you.

    1. I have tried Mighty Leaf once or twice... peppermint at a restaurant I think. I did enjoy what I had and indended to keep and eye out for more but so far I have not actually purchased.
      My FIL parents were quite horrible to my MIL. Apparently he wasn't supposed to marry a Ukrainian girl. Having lived through that rift, she would never want me to feel disliked. I think distance helps us. It's a 24-26 hour drive to their house so we usually fly to Manitoba once a year and talk on the phone every couple of weeks. I'm just not very good at accepting help sometimes, no matter how well intentioned it is.

      Thanks. I can feel those good thoughts around me sometimes. :)

  3. I love the way you can watch the seasons pass on a farm. Or passing by a farm. Little lambies are so sweet.. I like baby goats, too. Their tiny little hooves are so soft, and goat babies will climb all over you like a mountain if you sit still for long enough...

    Best of luck with the Dr. :) I don't know much about infertility, but I do know about being nervous and maybe a little scared of the unknown. You'll be great. :)

    1. He has become very attached to the sheep and lambs. I have not been close to a baby goat to know their hooves were soft. I learned something new today and it's only 10am.

      Thanks, I'll be posting about the appointment soon.

  4. Thank you for the link love! I'm happy to have discovered your blog, thanks to you comment (and happy to have been helpful) :)

    I actually WON the renfrew pattern in a giveaway, and I'm dying to get through my sewing impasse & make one! Or two, or.....

    I quit coffee (which I love...adore, actually) several months ago. I still crave a good cuppa occasionally, but currently I'm thoroughly hooked on the Ceylon Tea Company's 1001 nights (combo of black & green teas). I'm at the bottom of the tin now, & don't know where to find more!

    Best of luck with your family growing, and I'm very pleased to meet you :)

    1. Quite welcome and welcome to my blog!

      Oh you will be addicted. They are lovely, just lovely. Quick to sew up, ever so flattering. I've never had so many unsolicitations.

      It can be frustrating when you find a new favourite and then can't find it. My brother and SIL gave me Toasty Almond tea from a local tea shop and I blew through it in no time. I can order online, but I'd rather go to the store to see what their other teas are like.


  5. Ha, the lambies made me laugh. They ARE adorable, but thanks to a college summer spent in England training for cross-country and running through lamb pastures (and jumping stiles), I can't really look at them as cuddly fleece balls anymore. More like vicious and obtuse blockers and defilers of pathways. One sheep is cute, a flock of sheep is a menace.

    It's good to know that you have a doctor you trust. And as for the experience with any government program is squeaky wheel gets the grease. And if at all possible, I like to show up in person -- it's harder for them to give me the runaround that way.

    I am the only person in the world who seems to be unable to drink tea. It invariably upsets my stomach, my skin or my bladder. Decaf coffee and I get along ok, on the rare occasions that I drink it.

    I love my MIL but she is also a neat freak; I just try to ignore it because the alternative is to snatch the dishes out of her hand so she can't wash them. She and my FIL have lived no more than five minutes away for our whole marriage, and have helped out a great deal with the kids and house and whatnot. He passed away a couple of years ago, and she still helps us out with childcare all the time which is AWESOME. ALthough, last time we were away on an extended trip, she did all the laundry without asking me for instructions and it was just a freaking miracle that nothing got shrunk or ruined.

    And she does tend to drop by or call on a whim, although it bothers the Hubs more than me because all her calls to him sound like, "Emergency! 911!" Then when he calls back, it's usually something about, "Oh, I just remembered the name of the company I was telling you about...," and he has to put the phone down so he doesn't throw it across the room. Tee hee.

    1. It's quite cute when he gets talking about the lambies and the sheepies and when they get to football sized or how fluffy or not fluffy they are. But I can appreciate one is cute, a flock, not so much.

      You can't drink any kinds of tea? Herbal? Peppermint? Rooibos? Oolong? oh how I love them all... I like the smell of coffee, but the taste is a little bitter to me. Until you had half hot chocolate or mudslide.

      I completely hear you on in laws. I feel like such a shrew saying "but... I liked my linen closet being a mess..." because that's not true. Now I just accept she's going to reorganize it and if that makes her happy, go to it. I actually hide my laundry from her while we're in Manitoba. She will just scoop up all our clothing if left unattended. I don't want her washing my panties. I don't want my own mom washing my panties.


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