Friday, February 24

Always Check the Bobbin

I mentioned that I was working on Renfrew #2 but ran into some tension issues.  I thought I checked this but apparently the issue was that I didn't have the bobbin threaded right.  Face to palm.  I really should put this on a plaque by my sewing machine.  98% of the time on my machine it's the bobbin thread at fault.

So, I bring you Renfrew #2 (sorry for the 10pm/comfy pants pictures, I was excited but not excited enough to dress up for the occasion).

This fabric is pretty similar in stretch and weight as the last one, so I didn't change much.  The side seams are more like 1/2" rather than 5/8", but I didn't actually break out the pattern and retrace.  Call me lazy.

There are some (very small) pull lines on the bust this time.  I think this fabric is just a shade thinner and I'm wearing a bra with more umph.  This is a ridiculous picture, I forgot the timer wasn't set yet so it just took a picture rather than giving me 10 seconds, but you can actually see a little of the pull just at the bottom of the picture and it's a good view of the cowl.  As I said, another bra would solve that.

Mr. Lina is again a fan.  He has been quite, ah.. complimentary on the first one and for this one said the shape really suited me.  Sadly pictures from the back did not turn out quite so well, this is the best of the bunch.
Something about the other print seems to have a little more trompe l'oeil going on.  I dunno, just looking at the pictures, I see more waist with the other version.  Not that I don't like this one.   I am wearing this version today with my grey cordoroy skirt and purple tights.  Comfy but nice.  I like it.  But... downside of both shirts... 100% polyester.  Wow is this not kind to my arm pits.  It's a good reminder why if I do sew with poly, it's sleeveless or a flutter sleeve, something with air circulation.

And... TGIF.  Time to make dinner and open some wine.  Not necessarily in that order.  ;)


  1. It looks great! So glad the tension issue was just misthreading... always a facepalm when you realize it, but much better than an actual problem that repair.

    Have a great weekend---enjoy that well-deserved wine! :)

    1. I swear my bobbin just throws off the thread now and again just to keep me on my toes.

  2. Agreed, well done! Arg, now all I want to do is buy this pattern! Must... resist... :)

  3. This looks fantastic!!! Well done!

    I just remembered I owe you an email. Terribly. Criminal. Feel free to slap me around a little. ;)

    1. Yeah, but it really does sound like you've had a fabulous staycation and I had a lovely time with Renfrew in the meantime.

  4. Nice job! Love the fabric. :)


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