Friday, March 23


I think I need a TGIF label because it really fits for every Friday post.  I am always happy to see Fridays arrive.  I'm at a client office I like, the weekend is ahead of me with lots of potential.  What's not to like?

There hasn't been any sewing yet since my in laws left.  I've puttered a little moving the stuff we hid in there around, the table itself is clear except for the fabric for my Mom's Renfrew.  Wine with dinner was a barrier to last night (and I was too tired anyhow) and Wednesday night I ended up on the phone with a friend. 

I am finding myself thinking about aging and Mr. Lina's grandmother (the one who serves cinnamon buns for breakfast and fruit filled perogies for lunch).  I adore her.  I miss my Nana and it was wonderful to have one again in meeting Mr. Lina.  She is a stubborn independent woman and it's funny to see how his family deal with the traits that make her who she is.  She is in her late 80's, living independently with her son a few houses down from her and Mr. Lina's cousins are down the back lane.  She can't hear much even with hearing aids, she's having low blood pressure issues that make her dizzy, but all in all, she's doing really well physically for her age.  She just forgets how old she is sometimes.  Case in point.  The day my in laws flew to see us, she walked over to the cousins house to drop off a card.  The back lane is a mess of pot holes and puddles.  She tried to jump across a puddle and tripped, breaking her nose and needing two stitches.  My MIL is shaking her head that her mother wouldn't just walk the longer but safer way on the streets or get her shoes a little wet walking through the puddle.  I don't know about you all, but I hope when I'm over 85 I still think I can jump over puddles.  If I was in Winnipeg right now, I'd give her a high five and a hug.

MIL, Grandma and I - Summer 2011
While my in laws were visiting, I was wearing as much me-made clothing as I could to show it off.  It has made me realize how many options I have now.  I literally went 8 days without doing laundry and wearing something me made each day.  It helps being a seasonal transition where I could wear full out summer clothing (hello rayon black dress) and cool weather Renfrews, but it wasn't hard and I had a good mix of social, weekend and work options.  AND as I get to today, nearly two weeks since the last time I did laundry so the pickings are getting slim, I felt sad that the only me made options were my undergarments.  I might actually be getting to the point where I could do a Me-Made/Self-Stitched month.  Right now, I think I average 3-4 items a week (excluding panties).

This is going to be a fairly quiet weekend for us.  Mr. Lina has organized a Jackass marathon where they will watch all three movies in order.  You can safely say that all guests will be male and I will not be in the basement.  I can deal with a little bit of that kind of humour, but a lot of it is lost on me, particularly the gross out stuff.  So assuming no one brings their wife/girlfriend, I will be upstairs doing my own thing.  It's going to be lovely.  Just lovely.  Tonight the plan is for Mr. Lina and I to snuggle up with a movie and bottle of wine, maybe I can pre-wash the silk etc from Fabricmart.  A glass of wine won't hurt that...


  1. You are a far better woman than I am, I don't think I could bear to have 5 minutes of Jackass playing in my house. Have fun with that and I will hope that no wives or girlfriends come along so that you can sew.

    1. It was just boys that came, they laughed so hard I could hear them in the basement from the second floor. Jackass is such a guy thing, it's just completely lost on me.

  2. I watched 21 Jump Street (the new movie) on Saturday by myself -- total crude guy humor but I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of funny tidbits for those of us who loved the TV show. I'm positive I could not watch Jackass anything though.

    I have a lot of me-made clothes, but I don't wear as many of them as I used to -- I think because I'm currently at home most of the time and I just throw on grubbies to avoid ruining anything. I also used to make more loose fit, comfy clothes and that may be where my preference lies...

    I hope I'm still jumping over puddles at 85+ too!

  3. I wrote a comment but Blogger ate it....grrr. Anyhow, I hope I'm jumping over mud puddles at 85+ too!

    1. No, there it is! How very weird.

    2. How very strange.

      I didn't watch 21 Jump Street but I am curious about the movie for whatever reason. I'm glad to hear it was enjoyable.

      Sometimes there is a disconnect between what we like to sew, what we think we will wear and what we actually need.


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