Tuesday, October 4

Lekala bonanza

Thank you to Fehr Trade for pointing out that Lekala is offering size 44 and 46 for free for a month.  Oh I like these months.  I've downloaded a ton in the past and while I'm slow to make them up, I love glancing through my folder of possibilities.  The few patterns I have made up I have done more than once so it feels like I have used more than I have.  The size 46 with a FBA is pretty close to my measurements.  I also need to shorten it.  Surprisingly, people do not often design patterns with152.5cm height in mind.  (Doesn't that sound taller than 5' and a half inch?) 

I wore my new Sencha blouse yesterday and it did pretty well.  Something is pooling in the back, but tucked in it looks great and the covered buttons bothered me less than the snaps did.  I was surprised by that.  Sadly, pictures will have to wait for another day.  It was Mr. Lina's actual birthday yesterday so I spent the evening hanging out with him.  He was feeling tired and a bit under the weather, so we had beef stew and leftover cake at home rather than going out.  Warm comfort food on a rainy day. 


  1. OMG -- I think I love Lekala. How did I miss them? I know other people have referenced them before and you did mention them as well. Hmm.... The only thing is, I'm completely confounded by the sizing. Can you translate? I'm about a Big 4 pattern 12-14 (smaller on top, bigger below the waist).

    Sometimes comfort food at home in front of the TV is my favorite celebration. I may just be very, very lazy.....

  2. It's pretty cool, isn't it? If you buy from them, they make the patterns to your measurements. For the free patterns, they say it is close to Burda, but I don't use Burda so that's meaningless to me. They do put height, bust, waist and hips in centimetres.
    Size 168-100-82-106 (like a size 44 magazine Burda): inches 39, 32, 41.7
    Size 168-104-82-110 (like a size 46 magazine Burda): 40.9, 32, 43
    Some of the patterns can also be found at Modern Pattern and they size S/M/L. http://m-sewing.com/ Keep in mind, the directions are all terrible. A lot of the Lekala ones are still in Russian.

    Well, you are the LAZYsubculturalgirl, we would expect no less of you. :)


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