Saturday, October 8

Happy Turkey Day!

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada.  It's a much less important holiday in Canada than in the US, but any time you want to give me a day off from work I'm a happy camper.

The year we met (which will be next week), Mr. Lina and a few friends realized no one had family to eat turkey with, so they decided to host their own turkey dinner and we've been doing this ever since.  We call it the "orphan's" Thanksgiving and it's aimed at anyone without family to join.  Now a few of them are like us, met people here and have in laws to visit, but after 10 years, they feel that our Thanksgiving is their tradition.  We host it on the Saturday leaving Sun/Mon for family plans.  Most years we have between 16-25 for dinner, we make the turkey, gravy and stuffing, everything else is pot luck.  After the year of 10 pies and no vegetables, we push people to post what they plan on brining and I always keep some extra veggies around just in case.  I'm actually not too sure how many people are coming, but we have a 14.185 kg (31 lbs) turkey courtesy of my parents.  I can't lift it to get it out of the oven for basting.  Mr. Lina took a picture of it in the oven, it's pretty funny.  Right now, he's off at the film premiere for The Post-Lifers and I'm babysitting "Tom" as my mom calls him.

This year, there will be something a little extra going on after the turkey is done.  We're part of Home Routes which string together people who want to host house concerts into a tour for the artists, 12 gigs over 14 days.  My part of the deal is hosting 6 concerts over the "season" Sept/Oct/Nov and Feb/Mar/Apr, feeding them dinner and usually putting them up for the night.  The person who had tonight asked to trade and we preferred the weekend date over a Tuesday so we'll be hosting two concerts in October.  It's going to be good to get back into the house concert swing.  Our last show was June 4th, it's been a good break that has me wanting more.

Tonight we are hosting Annabelle Chvostek, a former member of the Wailin' Jennys.  She wrote the title track to the Juno (Canadian version of Grammy) nominated album Firecracker.  She has a really pretty sound and a great sense of humour.  This is the title track to her CD, Resilience. 


  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was great! My MIL usually makes the huge turkey, but last year she was out of town and we were house-sitting for her, so I ended up doing the turkey, stuffing, and everything else. Aside from an emergency call to her to figure out why the gravy wouldn't set, it came out really good. Boy, that stuff is a lot of work though!

  2. It was good. I've been holding off on posting because there are some pictures I'd like to include, but Mr Lina took them on the new/fancy camera and I barely know how to turn that thing on never mind take the pictures off the memory card!


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