Wednesday, October 5

Signs you have a translation problem

I was just browsing through the Lekala offerings.  Many that I like I have or they look too complicated to tackle with Russian instructions.  I was looking at this dress, 5854.
The "photograph" picture of it isn't all that thrilling, the necklace makes it look like there are buttons.  Lekala has a photo contest of sorts so a lot of patterns have a link for finished garments.  I liked the way this looked finished so I thought I'd download it.

First I save the pictures, then I save the pattern, then the instructions.  They open in Russian and Google offers to translate it.  They title each outfit and this one is called...

I wish I was kidding...


5854 Knitted dress with a smell

(Makes you wonder where they shop for fabric, eh?)

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SELECTION OF FABRICS: jersey medium or low degree of elasticity of natural or mixed fibers .

AND YOU NEED: rubber band

Make sure you don't forget that rubber band.  At least the fabric recommendation makes sense. 


  1. I'm pretty sure rubber band would actually translate to elastic, but dress with a smell? Is it possible they mean shell? Or are they telling you that you need petroleum-based fabric to make it -- ok, I'm reaching here but come on.....

  2. lol... yeah, most of the translations are like elastic band, after you read it a few times, you get what they were going for. I have no way to explain a dress with a smell. It must be that the Russian word for smell has multiple meanings, like... wake. You can wake up or go to a wake or the wake behind a boat... they just picked the wrong "smell".

  3. May I ask what the word is? I can try to tap into my past as a speaker of Russian. Never heard of this company, but the dress is gorgeous. Stop distracting me & my lengthy to-sew list :)

  4. That would be awesome if you could shed a little light on how they end up with a "dress with a smell".
    The way it is set up it is hard to link direct to a pattern, 5854 is about half way down the page
    Is Lekala lovely? I was a bit overwhelmed the first time I found them. It looks like they put up a couple more new ones since last week.


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