Friday, October 21

Sencha & Turkey

My long overdue Thanksgiving wrap up.  It's going to be short because we're heading out for a house concert (which outgrew the house - it's in a church).  I've got a little time before we eat turkey soup (I finally got up the courage to thaw out some of the bones) and head out.

So first, the turkey.
Gobble gobble.
Here is Mr. Lina carving the bird.  It's freakishly huge.  Look at how wide it is relative to the oven door.  Crazy.  But very tasty.

And then we had our house concert.  As mentioned, Annabelle Chvostek was awesome. 

Myself, Annabelle Chvostek and Mr. Lina

My blouse is yet another Sencha blouse.  There is something kinda funky at the back, but tucked into my denim skirt you wouldn't know and I got quite a few compliments.  I made covered buttons for this version, they turned out well and are actually less annoying than the snapper version.  The fabric is polyester as far as I remember, it took a crease a bit better than I'd expect for polyester.  I am pretty sure I bought that before we lived in this house, I haven't the faintest clue how much I paid for it.  Mr. Lina's first comment was that it was very much me, those are my favourite colours.  In cropping the picture I noticed that I'm wearing my old elastic belt. 

Alright time to go.  We're off to see David Ross MacDonald and The Once.  We hosted Dave in May, he's heading home to Australia soon.  The Once are a trio from Newfoundland, they were on Canada AM this week, I didn't see it myself (not a lot of daytime tv around here).  If I remember right from the Summerfolk program, one of the members has ties to Great Big Sea, but I can't seem to find that on their web site, granted I'm not looking too hard.  Lovely Celtic group, a few original songs, occasionally Lenord Cohen cover.  Given that I have a big soft spot for DRM and I'm just getting to know The Once, I'm picking a YouTube clip from a house concert he gave shortly after we hosted him.  The intro to the song is long, but it's worth the wait to hear his voice.  He's absolutely delightful in person, we're lucky he visits Canada.


  1. Sounds like a great holiday! I love your Sencha blouse. I have to admit, I've avoided the pattern because of the back button/snap feature (I have a bony spine and slump against chairs a lot) and the winged sleeves which I'm positive would look odd on my wide shoulders. However, every time I see a cute make of Sencha like yours, I'm tempted again. The colors are some of my favorites too, although I'm more partial to purple.

    Hope the concert was fun! I'm amazed how much Australians seem to globe-hop, given they live at the ass-end of nowhere. We hosted some Australian exchange students when I was in high school and they were just like, "Eh, it's a long plane ride, no big deal."

  2. There is something odd about the sleeves. I don't know if it's me or what, but it is the one spot of directions that don't quite make sense to me. You can sew up the back and just have the top button. I don't undo the other buttons and snaps unless I'm ironing it. Or do small snaps up the back. I have the little plastic ones in between the buttons on that version.

    The concert was good. They had it in the church itself rather than the basement, it made for great acoustics. We saw David on the way out and he's going to try to stop for a cup of tea when he's in the area in two weeks. I suppose we're lucky to have other countries/cities to see that are close. If you have to leave the contenent to travel, I suppose adding another 12 hours to the flight isn't so bad?


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