Sunday, October 30

Happy Sunday

Sunday evenings are so good and so sad.  Good because we usually don't have plans and it's quiet.  Sad because well, it's Sunday, the weekend is nearly over.  It has been a good weekend and fairly busy.  Friday night we went to the screening for cast & crew for The Post-Lifers and it went pretty well.  I put on a brave face and had a good time.

Saturday we had some running around to do and with Mr. Lina pushing me along, we got them done.  I managed to buy some prenatal vitamins, not the ones I usually take, but maybe switching to a once a day format would be good since I am not taking the others twice a day.  I did get a little time to sew, Larry the Cat even went hiding for most of today which is very cat like behaviour in a new home.

We did talk a little about how I'm feeling.  Mr. Lina has commented many times over the weekend that I look sad and about ready to cry, which is pretty much how it is when there there aren't people around to fake it for.  The problem is, when I talked about everything, he can't fix it so it felt like it just was another unresolved conversation.  Guys want to fix things.  It's their way.  I said I want to see our therapist again, this is bigger than me and I really didn't feel that much better talking to him.

We spent part of the afternoon digging up old Halloween costumes.  We had a party to go to and neither of us felt the need to find something new.  I had never met the hosts, I knew 3 people at the party, ideal situation to recycle a costume.  Mr. Lina went as a pirate, I decided I wanted to wear a cape I made a few years ago so I was a vampire without the fake teeth.

The cape is Butterick 4030.  This is just far enough off the floor to be safe in heels, sans capelet, with the contrast collar (view B but longer).  I used cheap Halloween satin for it, capes use a metric crapton of fabric.  I remember being a bit surprised by just how much I needed.  It is fully lined in the red satin.  As much as the fabric is cheap, I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I have actually got a lot of use out of it.  Most years I wear it for handing out candy.  It keeps me warm enough while at the front porch and I feel somewhat in costume.  Win-win. 
Original art.
You know your friends are geeky when you dress as a character that existed in a handful of late 60's comics and people peg it.  Now if you picked Captain America, it's pretty easy.  The Black Queen is a shade more obscure.  Jean Grey (aka Phoenix, Marvel Girl, Dark Phoenix) from the X-Men is mind controlled by Mastermind and joins the Hellfire Club.  While mind controlled, she becomes The Black Queen.  I was reading Mr. Lina's books and as soon as I saw her, I thought, THAT is what I want to be for Halloween.  I had a dark denim corset, black bikini bottoms, knee high boots, all I needed was the cape and a red wig.  I was willing to put the time into making a good cape to get the look I wanted.  What kind of cracks me up is in the original art, she's sexy for sure, but not overly naughty.  Her waist is defined and her figure hour glass, but her legs are actually kind of athletic.  Google image The Black Queen at your own risk, it's sadly all about teh cantelope boobies, thongs, whips and impossible anatomy.  Both pictures included here are from


  1. I'm so tempted to google image The Black Queen because of your disclaimer.... I have to know how ridic it is!

    What a great cape, and I love that your super geeky friends got the reference. hehe.

  2. I suppose I mention the Google warning because of my own experiences. I went to find a picture to show someone who I was talking about and half the pictures are topless. Pretty much the definition of "not safe for work".

    Thank you for the cape compliment. :)


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