Friday, May 31

Happy Friday!

What a week of ups and downs...
  • Icky car bill
  • Came out of my office last night to see I had a flat tire
  • Which is why we have CAA, I haven't the faintest clue what to do about that
  • Apparently I have a spare tire in my trunk, I didn't know that
  • But I didn't need it
  • They couldn't find the leak, given that I had the tires rotated on Tues/Wed, the cap probably got knocked causing the slow leak
  • So three cheers for not needing a new tire!
  • The CAA guy was so nice, he taught me how to check the pressure and didn't treat me like a bumbling idiot because although I could recognise what a pressure gauge looked like, I had no clue how it worked or what the numbers indicated.
  • In trying to find a tire gauge in my car, I found the camera!
  • Yay for blog posts with pictures!
  • Of course not yet since I just found the camera
  • Making good choices has been a little harder this week, my weight reflected the all you can eat buffet (and alcohol) of Saturday and the salty Swiss Chalet dinner that Mr. Lina ordered while I was napping on Wednesday
  • Swiss Chalet can be healthy, but I licked up every bit of salty dipping sauce, he ordered me mashed potatoes when a better choice would be baked and I ate the salty, crispy skin.
  • Yesterday my body seemed to clear all the water it was holding onto and I'm now back to my previous "recent low" and I feel better for it
  • Now to make good choices tonight while playing board games tonight.
  • I have more people to train and mentor at work, that's always fun.
  • I'm wasting too much time playing stupid Facebook games at night when I'm tired.
  • What's too much?  I woke up at 3am dreaming about sliding candy pieces around
  • We booked a trip to Manitoba last night for the week of Canada Day.
    • If things go well, it will delay my 6 week ultrasound (and third intralipids) by 5 days, but the clinic said that's fine.
    • Nothing wrong with a week off work if things go well, my in laws don't stress me out.
    • Although our choice to travel might stress them out.
    • If things don't go well, I can lick my wounds without going to work.
    • If things don't go well while we're there, it wouldn't be because of the trip, and geography won't change the fact they can't make bad things stop happening.
    • Mr. Lina's grandmother (who will be 90 in September) had another spell this week, she's spending 5 days in the hospital and should be getting a pace maker this weekend if I understand right.
    • His great aunt and uncle are celebrating their 60th anniversary on July 6th, we'll leave the next day.
    • My MIL thinks his uncle will stop dialysis after that party, he's been fighting a good fight for a while.
    • It's a lot of pull to visit now and not in 3 months or 6 months. 
  • IT'S FRIDAY!!!  YAY!


  1. I'm glad your flat tire was an easy fix! My parents wouldn't let me go out in my car until I knew how to change my own tire, but luckily I've never had to do it all on my own.

    1. The sad thing is that a few weeks ago I saw someone changing a tire on the side of the road and thought about how I'd been driving for more than half my life now and put 310,000 km on my car and have yet to have that happen.

      In a gaming situation, we would say: Chomp, chomp, chomp. Don't tempt the monsters, they will eat you.

  2. Its funny that you had a tire situation Friday- I did as well! Horrible part was I took my car to the shop to fix it but they didnt have my tire in stock so they had to order it and i need to go back! UGH!

    1. It's pretty annoying to have to wait for parts or in this case, tires. I hope you are back on the road now.


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