Tuesday, May 14

Weekend Reboot

  • I woke up and hit snooze
  • I don't have to wash my hair this morning, I can sleep a little longer.
  • I hit snooze again because it's Friday, meh.
  • My drive is predictable on Friday, snooze a 4th time won't hurt.
  • I finally got up and turn the radio off. 
  • It's Friday, no need to reset it for tomorrow.
  • I brushed my teeth and thought about the upcoming long weekend.
  • I'm not ready for camping, so it must be next week.
  • 'Cause, you know, it's Friday.
  • I got into the shower and start to wake up.
  • And realised it's Tuesday.
  • Tuesday.
  • 3 days to get through before it's Friday.
  • That's a whole lot of time.
  • It's like my brain wants a reboot, restarting from May 10th.
  • Sigh.

I mentioned we did a lot of visiting over the weekend.  On my quest to make better decisions for my health, I think I get a shiny gold star.  Twice chips (a serious weakness for me) were around and I ate a grand total of one handful of chips.  It did help that at the second party they didn't refill when the first chips were gone.  I had lots of fruit, vegetables, small piece of birthday cake, was the DD for both events so no additional alcohol calories.  Actually, I did such a good job of having normal portions, my stomach was grumbling at 1am both Friday and Saturday night.  We stopped for late night food both nights but I aimed for smaller portions, cheese quesadilla (LOTS of salsa and cilantro) that I shared with Mr. Lina and a small chicken wrap at Wendy's.  I managed to weigh a little less this morning (I didn't weight myself Monday, I needed a full bladder at 8am for the ultrasound, I start drinking the second I wake up) than Friday, so again, a weekend win.  Tonight I'm going for a walk with a friend I carpool with to bowling.  We both want to get moving and it's more fun to do it together when schedules allow.

I've just confirmed we'll be hosting with Home Routes again in the fall/winter.  I don't know all of the artists that we'll be hosting, but I'm super happy to have Bill Bourne coming to my house in November.  He's from Alberta, has a very wide range of styles (so hearing one song is not really representative of everything), and a great stage presence.  I get the impression he's kind of quiet, we'll see if that's true.

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