Tuesday, May 7

It's going to be a good day

Blood work and ultrasounds are generally done quickly at my fertility clinic.  I mentioned I need to get some blood tests done that aren't done in-house by the clinic.  There is a Life Lab near my home, the web site says it opens at 8 (sign on the door says 7:30), I figured I could get to work for 9:30 without too much of a problem.

Sign #1 this was going to be a problem:  Line up out the door at 8:03.  That's the line to hand over the paperwork.

Sign #2:  Giving up my seat not once, but twice to people I felt needed it more than me.

The staff were great and doing what they could, but it was just more people than they could really handle in a short amount of time.  I felt so bad for elderly people with canes (and some of them fasting for the blood work) having to stand in line just to check in.  There was no way I was going to let them stand after waiting so long.  4 little vials of blood and I got back to my car at 9:40 and it was about 10:15 by the time I was at my desk.  So while not a great start to the day, it reminds me I have a pretty flexible employer.  This is something to appreciate.

I was the lucky winner of the Pattern Pyramid over at Country Girl Couture.  How cool is that?  It put a smile on my flustered face this morning.  I suck at getting things in the mail but I'm going to try my best to make this give away work.  Get ready to sign up!

Seriously someone is looking out for me.  I have two client sessions coming up, sort of light training/lunch & learn kind of things, I'm looking forward to them.  Both have been in planning stages since the end of March.  I don't know how it happened, but both were scheduled for Thursday at 1pm.  I was trying to find the words to postpone one of them when an email showed up cancelling the one I wanted to move.  The client feels schedules are too busy and want to push back to June.  That's twice with this client I have had moments of "oh no...." (in October I accidentally copied over my presentation the day before I was to give it) only for them to cancel (last time a key person was in the hospital, I felt bad for celebrating).  Now I can seem accommodating, not an idiot who let Outlook schedule two things at the same time.  A thousand thank yous to whoever is looking out for me. 

Here is hoping this good streak continues through June...


  1. Sera, you should go out and buy a lottery tkt, just in case..

    Congrats on winning the pattern pyramid... Not sure if I want to sign up to win any more patterns but I'm happy that you won!

    Glad somebody is looking out for you! :)

    And yes, I like the patio set you bought..

    1. I really should buy a ticket, very good idea.

      I have intentionally not signed up on a few pattern pyramids because I suck at mailing things. I don't have a lot of patterns so I don't mind winning one more.

      Thanks! My husband is getting pretty impatient for it to arrive.


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