Monday, May 13

Need a weekend from the weekend

I drove well over 400km from 9pm Friday night to 8pm Sunday night.  That's a lot of time in my car.  And where did I go?
  • 40th birthday party
  • 3 year old birthday party
  • "Old friend passing through town" party
  • Visit with my high school friend (who now lives in Manitoba) and her baby
  • Mother's Day with my parents
Busy, busy, busy.  I did manage to sleep in there somewhere.  I'm looking forward to more sleep tonight.  I survived Mother's Day (typically a sore spot for me and as we found out last year, I'm not alone), no tears at all but I did flip the radio a few times to avoid overly sappy content.

Owing to the above schedule, time in my sewing room has been limited.  The Leafs making it to Game 7 has cut into some evenings.  In theory, I could sew, but it's been a really exciting series that sadly came to an end tonight.  I have cut a new front to the Alma blouse.  I have lots of fabric and I'd like to see how that works prior to removing the pins and changing Alma #1 for comparison. 

I was into the clinic this morning for a check if I ovulated.  Not surprisingly, my ovaries are not cooperating.  I took my first dose of Provera when I got home from work.  This drug (for me, every person is different) is the one most likely to make me crazy - moody, depressed, hot flashes, apathy, fun stuff.  On the plus side, the weekend approaching is Victoria Day weekend and I have the Monday off and I'm going camping.  This will help me cope.

Forms are signed, FET is paid for (and costs less than the two doses of Humira, you know how many air miles I'm getting out of this?), prescriptions (6) have all been sent to the pharmacy, all that is left to do pre-cycle is get Mr. Lina in for the screening bloodwork.  I am got a little more information today on two aspects of the protocol for this FET.
  1. I won't be taking Lupron - the drug that stops my brain from telling my body to make hormones.  I'm not sure why but it seems that he's changed his protocol for everyone so there must be some research to back this up.  It sounds like my dosage of Estrace (estrogen) will also be different from before.
  2. Two forms of progesterone - Prometrium are pills that I have used most cycles and makes me sleepy.  They are adding a vaginal cream product.  Last time I used two forms of progesterone I took the pills during the day and cream at night.  Apparently this time it's the flip - cream 3x per day (so, um, one of those times is going to be at work) and pills at night. 
    • I'm not suppose to have sex a week after transfer, if I'm using vaginal cream 3 times a day it's going to be a lot longer than a week before Mr. Lina wants to visit. 
    • I stay on progesterone supplements until the end of the first trimester. 
    • Progesterone supplements start around Day 14, so 10 weeks of vaginal cream (assuming all goes well).
    • I am going to be sooooo grumpy.  I like sex.  It's good stress relief.
    • After Mr. Lina had his vasectomy reversed, he couldn't be aroused (never mind sex) for 6 weeks.  The longest 6 weeks of my life 
    • Near the end of the 6 weeks, I blew up at him for wrapping cheese the wrong way. 
    • On the plus side, I'd have a baby to keep me happy and a reason not to lift anything where post reversal, all the lifting had to be done by me. 
I won't be into the clinic again until my period arrives and I have my Day 3 appointment.  We'll just have to see how I manage from now until Day 1.

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