Friday, May 17

Victoria Day List

Provera is making my head rather fuzzy, paragraphs are challenging so let's go for a list...
  • It's actually Friday, not Tuesday!
  • 4 of 7 pills have been taken of Provera
  • No hot flashes, no tears, no apathy
  • Horrible brain fog.
  • Grocery shopping with brain fog is not very efficient or effective.
  • I wanted to buy non-paper tape for wrapping up my toe (it still aches with some motions) and Mr. Lina's hand.
  • I am sure I looked at cloth tape
  • I am sure I priced out that the roll was cheaper than the tape dispenser.
  • I bought paper tape.
  • It's a long weekend - Victoria Day.
  • We have an unofficial early close, if nothing is due, you can leave early.
  • Like I should be trusted to get anything done without errors when I can't buy cloth bandages.
  • I am 7lbs down from my high weight and feeling rather happy about that.
  • The strategy to make better choices is working and one good choice reinforces wanting to make the next good choice.
  • My pants fit better, I don't feel bloated, it's
  • I think I felt a small earthquake this morning.
  • The Pattern Pyramid has arrived, post and contest to come soon.
  • It's almost time to go!
  • Yay!


  1. You did feel an earthquake. Epicentre in Ottawa(ish). Scott also felt it and got all crazy (it made the third floor shake but I couldn't feel it on the second floor). It was a 4.4. And I'm a few days from getting my period and I'm having hideous night sweats so I feel for you on the hot flashes. Seriously, I wake up shivering cuz I"m soaked.

    1. At the time of writing, I knew others had felt it, but I couldn't find any details on where the earthquake was. It was rather cool to experience.
      Night sweats make it so hard to sleep. I am finding it hard to sleep at home, the comforter is too warm but I still need more than a sheet. I wake up a couple of times in the night either throwing everything off or trying to find the blanket again.

  2. I'm still amazed at how fast you got the Pyramid, so awesome. Sorry about the brain fog, but at least you have a good excuse. I was having a "stuck on stupid" day the other day and I have no excuse. ;-)

    Yay for 7 lbs down!!! Keep it up! I'm actually kind of nervous to ask, since I've never done anything like this before, but would you like to do like some weekly check-ins or something with me? To help both of us be accountable?

    1. I was rather pleased myself at the speedy arrival.

      Sure, I'm good with a weekly check in.


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