Wednesday, May 29

Catch Up

I've been a little quiet.  Sunday did not go quite as expected.  I did get a day to myself, sadly I shared it with a hang over.  I don't know what it is about my bowling year end, but I have to remember to switch to water a little sooner.  Well, let's start with switching to water at some point in the evening.  Sunday was a complete write off.

On the plus side...
  • We did get the patio furniture together
  • Mr. Lina bought a storage box for the deck so we have a place for the cushions
  • I did have a lot of fun at the bowling party
  • Year end party means I get my winnings. 
  • Somehow I ended up with the second highest prize money in our league.
  • The majority of money won is based on your team, not individual.  My team did well and I won a singles award (high triple with handicap I think), mostly because in fairness, you can only win one award, so I probably came in third but the people above me won prizes worth more like high average or high single flat.
  • Mr. Lina finally got his screening blood work done
  • My thyroid levels came back high on Friday, so I went with him to get it rechecked
  • Thyroid levels checked out fine on Saturday, still slightly elevated based on my Googles on the subject, but if the clinic says it's normal, I'll trust them
  • I had the endometrial scratch and intralipids done yesterday
  • Scratch was WAAAAY better than last year, more like an aggressive pap test
  • Intralipids were not bad, but not as comfortable as last year
    • I was the only one getting it done so they put me in an exam room, not the comfy leather chairs in the basement
    • I couldn't get comfortable on the hard table
    • IV had to go into my left hand, my right arm had too much bruising, my veins on my left are too deep
    • They needed to check my blood pressure every half hour on my right arm which was towards the wall
    • So I couldn't sleep with my IV hand tucked under me, so I'd try to nap with my right arm down but then I'd have to roll over for the blood pressure. 
    • Last time I had a blood pressure cuff and in the chair they could access each arm, it was much easier to nap.
  • Mr. Lina was a trooper and drove me to all my appointments
  • Good thing too, when I got home from intralipids, I napped for 2.5 hours
  • Probably a sign I shouldn't drive if I could sleep that long
  • Next visit to the clinic isn't until Sunday, so a nice break of just taking my Estrace.
On the down side, since Mr. Lina was squiring me to appointments, I took my car in for an oil change, tire rotation, etc.  Apparently there were 3 or 4 other things wrong with it (I was given the full list between intralipids and the nap, I vaguely recall the conversation) so my car had to stay the night and I have a bill with roughly an extra decimal point from what I thought it would be.  My credit card is going to be doing the funky chicken pretty soon between the IVF, drugs (which I should get some money back from insurance, but right now it's on my card), intralipids ($750 each time) and now the car bill.  As much as I won a good chunk of change, it's not enough to put a big dent in those bills. 

And on the down side, I can't find my camera.  And I do have pictures I'd like to take.  Hrmph.  It HAS to be around here somewhere.


  1. What a long weekend! Mine went in volunteering with my daughters girl guides trip at Wyoka. Turned out I was the only volunteer and never have I done that much physical work in 2 days! :o Still recovering from the weekend!

    Congrats on the winning money from your bowling! That's Awesome! Too bad about the car bill though.

    1. The only volunteer? Jeez, many hands make light work, I'm sorry to hear no one else wanted to share the load.

      Thanks! It is always a pleasant surprise.

    2. There were the 2 guide leaders who were handling the kids ... handling 10 kids 6-7 yes old for 2 days and 2 nights had their hands full for them and Seriously, I would never want to exchange my cooking/cleaning with them. Handling that many kids for that long would have made me go crazy.. The guide leaders are volunteers as well and they do this for an hour, once a week for the whole school year. Hopefully next yr we have more volunteers.


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