Friday, May 24

Three Cheers for Fridays!

I love Fridays.  So much potential with the weekend ahead, just good things to look forward to.  Let's start with the clinic, it's been a busy day on that front.

Today started with a visit to the clinic, the usual blood work and ultrasound for Day 3.  Day 3 visits require both full and empty bladder ultrasounds and well, I did a very good job of filling my bladder.  I could barely get my pants undone.  It was also hard to empty it all for the second ultrasound, even when it felt empty the tech said it wasn't.  If it was an IVF cycle and we needed exact measurements, I suspect she would have sent me back to pee again.  Problems you'd never think you'd have to worry about.

I start Estrace today.  3 tiny little pills every day to get my estrogen levels to the right place until Sunday June 2nd (Day 12).  Tuesday (Day 7) I'm scheduled for intralipids and the endometrial scratch.  Sadly, the timing is less than ideal.  My doctor has to do the scratch so that's booked for 8am.  The intralipids are booked for 12:30.  It's about 35 minutes drive to the clinic in the morning, 20 minutes .  I guess I'll be going back and forth a fair bit on Tuesday, it's not worth waiting around for 4 hours to save 40 minutes of driving. 

Yesterday was my last dose of Humira.  It came in a different format, more like your typical needle with a plunger rather than the pen format (picture an epipen where you press it to your skin, press a button and the needle triggers).  I liked the syringe.  The needle is crazy fine, you don't feel it going into the skin at all, but the drug stings.  With the syringe, I could control the speed of the injection and go slowly, letting it spread slower I guess.  A minute with an ice pack after it was done and I was fine.

And last bit of clinic news, it seems my thyroid level is elevated again.  They say it sometimes elevates on Day 3 so they want to recheck before putting me on medication.  That's two cycles in a row.  Mr. Lina is going in for his screening blood work tomorrow, hopefully they can fit me in at about the same time.

So it's Friday, what's up for the weekend?

Tomorrow night is the year end party for my bowling league.  We're going to the Mandarin (chain of Chinese buffet) and my walking/bowling friend is having some people back to her place.  That works for me, it's stumbling distance so we can both have a drink (or three).  I can't say I'm thrilled about the Mandarin (buffets and my food allergies do not generally mix well) but I haven't been in so long I'm hoping for the best.  Maybe it's a good thing if I can't eat most of what is on the buffet, easier to take smaller portion sizes but harder to get veggies on my plate.  I hear they do sushi now, that would be a HUGE improvement for me.  In my league, we win money.  Everyone wins something, just some more than others.  Tonight I'm going to meet with a few other league exec's to do the envelopes.  Fortunately it's close to home so I can get a little exercise and walk.

Hopefully after the quick trip to the clinic we can get our new patio furniture together.  The last step will be filling my planters so the deck is the welcoming place it should be.  And Sunday?  Sunday Mr. Lina is doing movie stuff that doesn't involve me.  Hopefully I'll have a clear head and can get into the sewing room!  Yay!  That also gives me time to set up the post for the Pattern Pyramid.  There are some pretty awesome patterns in this package.

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