Wednesday, April 4


That little cough on Friday?  Oh boy.  Saturday I was a little horse but not too bad, stayed up later than I should and when our company left on Sunday, I fell apart.  I can't remember the last time I felt as sick as I did on Monday from what amounts to typical cold/cough symptoms.  I took Monday and Tuesday off work, I'm back to work today but kind of questioning that call as the day goes on.  I'm clearly not functioning on all cylinders but I can't use all my sick days just yet. 

I wasn't even up to reading.  I mean seriously.  Me.  Not reading.  I tried reading an email from my mom, saw a wall of text I couldn't face and closed it.  I think I made 3 pages of headway in a book I've already read  I couldn't even find the focus to read blogs.  The best I could do was send Mr. Lina the occasional "I am alive" email and slink back to the couch.  So weird.

So I don't really have much to say.  I've watched 13 hours of the UK version of Being Human, 6 episodes of X-Men cartoon circa 1992 (it stood up better than I expected), Hello, Dolly! and Take Me Home Tonight (eh.. better to watch an actual John Cusack film).  I picked Being Human because it vaguely triggered a memory of a Lazy Subcultural Girl Sci Fi Sunday review (although she's watching the US version).  I liked the first episode, next thing I know, I'm 5 episodes in, Mr. Lina is home from work and I'm explaining who is who so that he can watch it with me.  Sadly this meant that yesterday I didn't want to watch it without him, so I picked movies he would likely never want to see and waited for him to get home.  Highly addictive and very much a drama.  Which is good, laughing leads to coughing. 

Oh, and today is Day 1, generally something to celebrate.  36 day cycle is damn near regular for me.  I'll be into the clinic 9:30 Friday morning (there are no statutory holidays for infertility, Good Friday is just treated like a weekend) for an ultrasound and quick chat with a nurse.  At least it won't interfere with work after having two full days on the couch.


  1. That sounds like the last time I had the flu. With a 102 degree fever, I wasn't even up to watching TV. I kept flipping channels because I couldn't follow anything with a plot more complex than Sesame Street.

    I've seen a few episodes of the UK Being Human, and it's very different from the U.S. version. I couldn't get into it myself, but I started watching midseason and that always throws me off.

    Good luck with the clinic! Hope you are back to your old self by the weekend.

    1. Hmm, I'm loving it, but it's different picking it up from scratch. I'll have to check out the US version when I'm done with this. 7 episodes left available to me. I gather from wikipedia the US writers won't watch the UK vesion just so they don't follow the same plot lines and character development. Got to be harder when you've got a firm idea of who Aiden is to see Mitchell doing something different.

      Oh I hope so too. I've had enough of this already.

  2. I hate that kind of sick! When I can't even open my eyes to focus on a book, I feel like the Grim Reaper is opening his book to the page with my name on it. I'm glad you are feeling better!

    1. lol.. yep. Books are generally my easy out. I'll reread books when I don't want to worry about plot etc, I wasn't really even up to that.


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