Friday, April 13

Friday Ramblings

It is the end of the week and that's a good thing.  I decided that today is going to be a little warmer than it has been and I have my purple Renfrew on, I could go with a lighter coat.  I didn't think to check the pockets of the coat I have been wearing.  So guess where my cell phone and my change purse (which has all my money and basic ID and bank cards) is?  I never pick up change in the morning, never.  For whatever reason I picked up $3.75 so I thankfully can buy a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch to augment the apple, cupcake (bake sale yesterday, how can I say no to the Kids Help Phone Line?) and cup a soup I have at my desk for emergency late nights.

Time for a Friday list, lets start with the non-sewing life stuff...
  • Mr. Lina is heading to London, ON tonight, his movie is being screened at Shock Stock
  • It's just too awkward to get me 190 km (two hours without rush hour traffic or stops) with a pit stop near Mr. Lina's work in time for the 8pm start time so I'm staying home.
  • He is quite excited that the person who played Jason in a number of the Friday the 13th movies is going to be there.
  • Another reason for me to not go.
  • Oh these mochaccinos are freaking good.  I'm going to be in trouble when I go caffeine free in May.
  • House concert on Sunday afternoon, we're hosting Annie Lou Duo, we saw them as a foursome at OCFF in 2010, I'm really looking forward to getting to know Anne Louise
  • I'm going into the clinic on Sunday morning, Day 12 appointment (blood work, ultrasound, nurse, pretty standard stuff).  We will be looking to see what's going on with my ovaries, if follicles are developing, if I might ovulate on my own.  So interesting maybe, but nothing earth shattering, just the first of a few appointments next week.
  • Oh and I find out if they are doing a biopsy of my endometrium this cycle too, they weren't sure on Day 3.
  • Nothing will come of those eggs even if I do ovulate, but it's about getting the right timing for Lupron-Depot shot and starting the EVIL provera. 
  • I hate provera.  Synthetic progesterone and I do not get along.
  • Which reminds me, I should give my manager the heads up about that on Monday.
  • I should also call the pharmacy and pick up the Lupron-Depot etc just so I can say I have it on Sunday.
  • Cold is in the last little stages.  I still blow my nose more than normal, but not excessively. 
And on the sewing front...
  • Thank heavens I made my Elan 610 bra so tight, it has stretched considerably and I now wear it on the second hook - tight but comfortable.
  • The cups are also improving (part of this is mental), they actually keep their shape after I take it off which kinda cracks me up.
  • I wear it unless my outfit dictates otherwise, purple/black do not work with all shirts, but it is now my favourite bra option.
  • I can feel an itch for another starting, probably not this pattern, but another me-made bra so I can rotate more.
  • I was commenting about stash and the pajama party and clicked about a cotton that may already be in my stash and would work.
  • I bought it after making some baby outfits (for kids who are now two) figuring it was on sale and it would be good to stash for the next baby I felt enough strongly enough about to sew for.  It would be perfect for pj's because it was just colourful stripes and 100% wrinkly cotton.
  • I bet I only bought a metre because I was planning baby outfits.
  • I wish I was home to figure that out right now.
  • Even if it is a metre, I could find a solid to match the stripes and make a fun set and still sew from the stash.
  • With Mr. Lina gone tonight, not many plans for tomorrow beyond house cleaning, I should have some time for sewing.
  • I know I don't sew often midweek, but every night this week has had something going on or someone in my house, I'm looking forward to just being alone with a project.
  • PMS/menopause insanity that comes with Lupron and Provera will make for a pretty terrible week leading up to my period starting, it's a good time for sewing.  Focusing on one stitch at a time keeps me from crying.  I have some time yet before we're there, but it's good to plan out some sewing because I likely won't have the interest to start something without making decisions ahead of time.
So what's up in your house?  Any good plans for the weekend?

And here is Annie Lou, the lead singer and fiddle player will be at our house as a duo.  We were in the audience for this performance.


  1. I feel for you on the PMS front, I would imagine the mood swings are a little more enthusiastic when medically induced.

    I used to tell people to enjoy PMS, menopause makes PMS look like a party. Seriously.

    Have a good weekend.

    1. I can believe that. One nurse said to me that it was more like menopause because the Lupron stops all hormone production. if you think of estrogen and progesterone like a teeter totter, I'm only taking progesterone, it's just off the charts. Provera sometimes causes hot flashes, not always, but most times I get a couple. But it is the swings of apathy that I can feel in my limbs to tearing up over negative thoughts I can't cycle out of that just kills me.

  2. Beautiful music! We went ice skating last night, birthday party for one of the kids' friends, and I'm feeling pretty tired (didn't get home until 11 pm). I've been doing a bit of sewing and shopping, and I need to clean out my closet to decide if I will be participating in Me-Made May or not. I have a lot of me-mades but some aren't wearable and really should be ditched.

    I hate chemicals, period. I always have to warn my doctors that if the side effects include anything weird "but it only happens to 1% of people who take this," then I will be that person. Synthetic hormones automatically made me sicker than a dog. You have my utter sympathy, but hopefully the process will be worthwhile!

    1. That sounds like a pretty busy weekend to me. Skating takes a whole lot of muscles, more notable if there is a few year gap between skating sessions.

      Oh.. closet cleaning is a good plan.

      You must hate every time you try a new drug not knowing what's going to happen. I don't generally have too many issues, Provera is my least favourite of everything I've ever taken. But it's necessary or my period won't arrive at the right time.


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