Wednesday, April 25

And so it begins

Yesterday I got my shot of Lupron-Depot which stops the creation of hormones for about a month.  With IVF cycles I take Lupron injections daily (belly fat injections I do myself), but for FET, they don't need so much control over suppression, the longer term single shot (muscle injection is done at the clinic, pretty painless) is enough.  The same day I start my dreaded Provera.  I was hoping I wouldn't really notice anything until later in the week, but I think the side effects are starting already.

So, time for a list because I can't organize my thoughts into paragraphs.
  1. It took 25 minutes to get dressed, my average speed to work today was about 28km/hour (for perspective, school zone speed limits are 40km/hour).  Let's say I was not the early bird at work today.
  2. It is, perhaps, a sign that lunch will not taste very good when peppermint tea did not sit well this morning.  It took me half an hour to pick away at my normally delicious coconut chicken curry.
  3. At one point this morning, my face felt tingly and my arms felt heavy.  It didn't last long, but that would be a sign that it's more medication driven than just a bad day.
  4. The concept of walking to my car to step outside for a lunch break feels like too much effort.  I'll just sit here and write this instead.
  5. Fabricland is literally a 3 minute drive from this office if I time the lights well, but today, that's just too much effort.
  6. On the bright side, I do not feel like crying.  Score one for the team!
  7. I need a new post on my blog because every time I see that Jem picture the theme song starts going through my head.  The theme song title is "Jem - Truly, Truly, Truly Outrageous", this gives you a sense of the repetitive nature of the song.
  8. Great... now it's in my head again.  Ooooh Jem, Jem is excitement... 
  9. My brain feels slow.  I am getting work done, but the repetitive stuff I usually struggle to focus on because it's boring is going okay.  I'm reading blogs, but coming up with a comment is hard.  And I want to leave my two cents.  It just feels weird when you know that you have thoughts but don't really know what they are.  I wish I had a better way to explain this.
  10. Let's see if ginger Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka (gift from a coworker) works better than peppermint tea.
  11. Mr. Lina is excited that the lambs have started to arrive at the hobby farm.  He took the camera with him to work today and took a few pictures. 

The lump of white/brown on the right are lambs.
 This is when sewing is actually good for me.  Not the draft a pattern from scratch or grade up 4 sizes kind of sewing, but a Renfrew, or pj's.  Stuff that really isn't all that complicated (or for the pj's no one will see what I got wrong) but allows me just focus on the next seam, the next stitch.  I can do that if I can get myself into the sewing room and make a decision.  At this point, I think I can work on the shorts because it's just doing what Stephanie tells me to do.  But I won't be dealing with the waistband etc until I'm feeling less brain fog because it's going to involve some thinking.

Oh... I have chocolate stashed away here, time to try some choco-therapy.


  1. Urg! Hang in there. One foot in front of the other.

    And chocolate, well, chocolate always helps.

    ... now I'm going to have that damned Jem song stuck in my head...

    1. One foot in front of the other, that's exactly it.

      The songs are strangely catchy, even the Misfits who aren't suppose to be as good as Jem and the Hologram.

      Chocolate sure did taste good.

  2. I'm now feeling lucky that I missed out on the Jem craze (I think I dismissed her as a Barbie clone, and I was very anti-Barbie as a kid). Otherwise that song would be stuck in my head like whoa. On the other hand, I can still sing the theme songs to Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow and The Puppy's New Adventures....

    Peppermint does horrible things to my stomach. Ginger is not really much better. Bland, bland food is the stomach's friend. Have you tried non-citrus fruit tea?

    Relax and take it easy. The brain fog lifts in a few days, right?

    1. I didn't "get" Barbie at all. If my dolls were going to have unrealistic bodies, I'd rather have Strawberry Shortcake with her big head and smelled good. The Puppy's New Adventures? That's a new one to me. Loved Reading Rainbow.

      I think time was needed. I felt okay as the afternoon went on (took me 3 hours to finish the tea) and then a little off after dinner again. I don't remember feeling nausea with this in the past.

      Things will be getting worse up until my period arrives. I take the last dose of Provera on Monday night, then the progesterone crash happens and my period arrives. So... Wed/Thurs would be my guess.

  3. What you are going through right now places my problems in their proper perspective. In other words, not a big deal. Take care of yourself. Sleep lots, eat chocolate, read, sleep. Repeat. <3

    1. It is a tough week, but the other side of this is the good stuff. I know it will be worse before it's beter, but there will be an end. Sleep, chocolate, read sleep repeat, I like that plan.

  4. I am so far behind in reading and commenting, but I have been sending good stuff your way!

    (also glad I am old enough to have missed out on Jem so the theme song cannot touch me)


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