Wednesday, April 18

Pajama Planning

I did not realize there were multiple ways to spell pajama/pyjama.  Quite often Canada sides with the UK on spelling, adding u's into words like neighbour or humour, or re's for centre.  But we still pick up phrases from the US, pants are not panties in my mind (my MIL would call underwear gotch, sometimes gitch), my car has tires not tyres and if I had an extra tire, it would go in the trunk not the boot.  Did You Make That spells it py, but the pa was how I typed it without thinking about spelling and that's how it was spelt for the movie Pajama Party.  I turned to google for clarification to find my confusion is a Canadian thing.
Pajamas and pyjamas both mean loose-fitting clothes worn for sleep. Pajamas is the preferred spelling in American English. Pyjamas is preferred in most varieties of English from outside North America. Canadians are inconsistent on the issue, though they prefer pyjamas by a small margin.
I have my fabric all washed up.  It seems to have washed well although it creased a bit at the cut edge.  I had zig zagged the cut edges, it seems to fray as I'd expect from a woven but ridiculously so.  I like that it has a little texture to it so it will look intentionally wrinkled in the morning.  The colours here are a little warmer thanks to the lighting in my sewing room, the green stripes are a pretty vibrant lime colour.  You can see a bit of the creasing (and zig zag) at the fold.

PJ's (neatly avoiding either spelling camp) can have many objectives.  These are going to be cool pj's for hot nights and I figured I'd go through my existing pj's and patterns to figure out what I actually like to wear.  You know I really don't have anything I want to copy?  All of my summery pj's are oversized knit tshirts/tank tops and shorts with Winnie the Pooh on them.  This cotton is not a knit and I don't really want something ridiculously oversized that I feel I'm wearing a tent.  I also would like enough bust coverage that it's okay to step into the backyard and be seen by my neighbours.  The bottoms I'll work with my pants block as a starting point and use existing pants to figure out ease, oddly enough, I'm not worried about the pants.

I do not have a wide assortment of patterns.  I try to purchase patterns carefully or supporting people like Colette and Sewaholic.  Quite a few patterns in my collection are from Mom so they run the gamut of clothing for her and kids patterns.  Nothing that I have in envelopes is really suitable.  I turned to the patterns I've got from Lekala (who spell it py), I think I like the top for 5252, this one is also available with Modern Sewing Patterns
Things I like...
  • Wide shoulder straps
  • No sleeve
  • It is intended for wovens
  • Princess seams should give the illusion of curves
Things I'm not sure of
  • Buttons?  I'll have to think about that, could be cute, could be annoying.
  • Will likely have issues of the bust area not lining up with where my braless bust ends.  I did find that the "red slip" princess seams did fit well sans bra so they may have already worked that in the pattern.
I do like that red slip pattern (Lekala 5241), it crossed my mind to just make it shorter, but I would like a little more to the straps so it feels less revealing to guests.  The straps are the bias tape that is all one piece from one strap, across the back and around to the other strap.  I think widening the straps requires more effort than just finding another pattern that would work.

So I dunno if I'm heading into TMI, but I tell you if I'm ovulating so I'm not sure that I really understand the limits of TMI.  When it is really hot, the big problem of staying cool is skin to skin contact.  Be that between the two of us or between my legs or... under my breasts.  It gets freaking hot there where the under part of my breast sits against my rib cage.  Bras deal with that in the daytime but I am not wearing a bra to bed because it's hot.  So one thing I kind of like about having sort of cups to the top is it could help with that.  At least have fabric in the area I can tuck around.

If not this, then maybe just a Sorbetto tank.  It would be easy...


  1. A lot of flannel-type pajamas have buttons on the shirt. I don't think it would be an issue, as long as the buttons are flat. I like the red slip pattern too, but I guess it's up to you whether you want a chemise or actual pajamas (my spelling, but of course I'm in the U.S.). My area is too cold for me to wear a chemise very often, but that's probably the coolest option if you really swelter at night.

    I know I like knit tops for my pajamas, so I wonder if a coordinating knit would work for you -- it might not be as cool if you're overheating though I think they wick away sweat better.

    1. That's true about the buttons, even my favourite satin ones have buttons. I was commenting to someone else that buttons are about trust, trust that my machine will make the last one look as good as the first and that I won't slice open the fabric in opening the button. I think that's where my iffy status is probably coming from.

  2. Interesting about the spelling of pyjamas, I never knew PJ's also were part of the US and Canada spelling issue. I try to stick to the English spelling, but I sometimes wander south of the border, spelling-wise. I bought an old (1913) American dictionary at the thrift store a couple of years ago, and one of the most interesting things about it was that they had both versions of spelling in it, color and colour, humor and humour, etc. Who knew.

    I love your pyjama fabric, covet actually.

    You could make the Sorbetto for the top, you would be covered sufficiently for watering plants and drinking tea outside in full view of neighbours, and still look good and be comfortable.

  3. There is actually a pretty good wikipedia page on Canadian spelling. Car parts (tire, trunk) seem to have gone with American spelling because the American auto industry had more influence over us. Where military words stuck to our British roots.

    It was a Fabricland purchase, I'd guess two years ago because the infants I made outfits for prior to buying this are turning two. It is certainly cheerful, stashing does have a good side.

    I hadn't thought about Sorbetto until finding a closing thought and the more I think about it, the more I like that.

  4. I'm in the pyjama camp (I think it's a bit closer to how I say the word, too), but then I try to veer British when I can be bothered (I still write "tire" and "curb" though). Trying to train my kids to say "zebra" not "zeebra", now that's a pain in the butt...

    Part of what's kept me from making more pj's is not really knowing what I want from them. I have some cute nighties (Burdastyle Bambi pattern), but they're not exactly warm, and I'm not all that keen on wearing jammies in the summer either (nor are they sufficiently modest to wear around company...)

    What about something with a fited bust in front but shirring in the back, for elastic/comfort? Or would that be too hot and sticky in the humidity? A cami with a shelf-bra might also be a good option, but maybe not so easy from the stash.

    I love your fabric, though---it'll be super cute! (hmm, I like the idea of bottoms and a front-opening top of some kind in the woven, with a coordinating knit tank top/cami---just throw the top on (kind of like a house-coat) for company...)

    1. I really hadn't noticed zeebra/zebra (although I do say zed not zee). Although I think my pronounciation is more peh-jama than pah-jama.

      Holy crap Bambi is hot! I can see how that doesn't fit the warm nor modest, but it sure would keep Osiris happy. Although I do wish they photographed that on a solid bedsprad, I like they sewed with a print but it makes for busy pictures.

      I think at this rate, I'm going to end up doing a few pj's. There are just too many options out there. I mean, I'll end up picking one for this project, and 2m is only going to do so many options, but with that stripe I could do a shelf tank in a solid or Renfrew in a knit or the red slip (which is cut on the bias and thus a fabric hog, hmm, stripes could get interesting there). I do tend to sew in waves.

  5. I agree on the shelf bra idea. Not too constructive but keeps the girls were they need to be.
    Great fabric choice. Seems I'll be way behind by the time I get back to my machine.
    On the spelling issue I'm a confused Canadian. Sometime pajamas sometimes pyjamas

    1. Again, I have no sense of TMI, but when pregnant, my breasts swell and start to get a bit tender, shelf bras are perfect to sleep in for that non-constrictive but keeping them in place function. I think it's something I'd be more likely to purchase to match the me-made striped bottoms.

      Aren't we all always behind? I know I'm talking a lot about pj's right now but my wish list of sewing has more projects than I have time for this year. I try not to let that overwhelm me with a sense of obligation, what gets done gets done.

  6. I am the Queen Bee of TMI, so no worries here! :-)
    I love your pajama fabric, and I agree with the flat button principle. As for the skin-to-skin factor--I totally agree. I never wear shorts because of this. I find that some liberally and strategically placed baby powder (or corn starch) is quite helpful.

    1. I have always liked dusting powders. They can really make a difference.


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