Friday, April 27

A Yellow Flag Day

I suspect today will be a yellow for caution kind of day.  I woke up feeling pretty good, I commented to Mr. Lina that I felt pretty happy.  I was a zombie yesterday at work, although I did perk up in the evening.  I was going to make up for the slacker day I had yesterday.

Groceries are a bit scarce in our house at the moment, no milk, no cereal.  I fried an egg, stuck it in a bun and figured I'd buy my lunch as there was nothing in the freezer to reheat.  And I drive the 42km to work in about 55 minutes, fairly typcical.  Back the car into a spot, give myself a high 5 that I can do that, and reach for my purse.

No purse.  Nope, it's at the front door at home.  Along with my corporate card to pay for parking, my drivers license, my money for lunch, my cell phone.  I have nothing with me beyond my laptop and I did put my pass to get into the building on my pants because I figured I'd forget.  But they ticket pretty aggressively, I can't leave the car to go into the building without risking a $45 ticket (ask me how I know the value of said ticket).  What the fuck.  It's my purse, I don't go anywhere (except bowling) without my purse.  How did I forget that?  It wasn't even hiding in the kitchen, it was AT the front door.

Bah.  So I'm working from home.  I just drove 84km round trip, I'm not driving back again. 

And in other news...  I did sew last night.  My red shorts look much better after adjusting the rise as suggested.  Mr. Lina is still a tad critical of the width of the shorts, I have taken some out but I think the hem will sort out what's left of it and I think it's more about the lack of drape in the cotton twill than truly too much fabric.  It is not doing the foldy-bunchiness of before.

I did not take pictures because I realized that I needed to get a move on my actual pj's for the fast approaching pj party.  Last night I cut them out, French seams for the inside and outside legs, I sewed the middle but as I was starting to iron the waistband, realized those seams still need finishing.  Tanit-Isis did a post on the rolled hem foot and The Perfect Nose said she used it to finish interior seams.  I figure this is a good opportunity to get some practice where people don't have to see the results.  Well, they weren't so stellar.  It would have been easier if I did the rolled hem at the outset prior to sewing the legs with French seams.  Given that it was getting close to bed time and I was tired, I just decided to zig zag it when my machine decided that it was indeed bed time.  We sometimes come to disagreements at bed time that are miraculously patched up within 2 minutes the next day. 

Hopefully today I can find some focus and energy that was lacking yesterday.  As I was sewing last night I was thinking about how doing anything - making progress on a project, starting a project, making decisions seemed impossible at work and yet there I was, 10 pm making pj pants.  I can do it.  Really and truly. 


  1. Hugs! I know that moment well -- the one where you sit there in the car and wonder what the heck is wrong with you. I had brain fog so bad when my kids were young that I forgot -- more than once -- to buckle up someone's car seat. The terror of getting somewhere after an eternity on the road and discovering that...well, it still makes my pulse race. Just keep repeating, this too shall pass.

    I'd be curious to see the pictures of your rolled hem experiments. I don't think I can figure it out in my head -- you did French seams then tried to roll them? Huh?

    Glad to hear the red shorts are improving! I also prefer sewing to fitting, cutting, and drafting. I really wish I could sew everything out of the package and have it fit perfectly -- then I could sew with my brain on vacation, no problem.

  2. Yeah, that would make my pulse race too. This too shall pass...

    I didn't explain which seam was which, eh? the outside and inside legs are French seams, it's the U of the crotch that I just stitched. The machine is still mad at me, I'm not quite sure why. There was a lot of crap in there, but I've cleaned and rethreaded and it's still bunching up. Very strange.


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