Wednesday, May 2

Oh so busy

Work is getting in the way of blogging.   And sewing.  Bah.

Mr Lina teases that he got a Playbook and it disappeared.  At the same time I found a portable Plants vs. Zombies device.  Today I'm testing blogging with it.  Forgive the lack of pictures, etc, I'm still figuring it out.

The insanity of Provera didn't come.  I have only cried once, haven't felt zombie-like, certainly forgetful at times and thinking is taxing, but that's awesome relatively speaking.  I am spotting so the worst is over AND transfer will likely be May 21.  We can camp until the Sunday, transfer my frozen embryos on the holiday Monday, sit on the couch until Wednesday, win win.

Bowling ended on Tuesday. I ended on a good note, it's a long season but the end still sneaks up on me.  Looks like I will be running the side pools again. It should feel less stressful next year now that I have done it already.

Last update is that I finally heard back from children's aid. We will see where that conversation goes. It feels good and it's making Mr Lina think in greater detail of what would be a good fit for us.  Sometimes I forget that just because I am thinking about things doesn't mean he is reading my mind.

I will keep checking in on blogs, I would like to revisit my pj's in greater detail, but not tonight.


  1. Glad you're enjoying the Plants vs. Zombies device. My iPad just had to go in to the doctor... I miss is terribly.

    Also glad that you're doing better than expected with the Provera, and that you heard back from children's aid. About time! Good luck on both those fronts.


    1. It was handy when we were in Manitoba last summer, I could play little games while Mr. Lina hung out with his brother, check my email without using his parents computer, but until PvsZ was added to it, I really didn't care about it at home.

      It was a good week all things considered. Apparently email was not the best path to reach them, the online form actually reached someone. Persistence pays off.

  2. Glad to hear that the Provera has not been as bad as you expected, and that children's aid finally got back to you. Squeaky wheel, grease and all that.

    I don't have the patience for games, even though Plants vs. Zombies sounds interesting. I'd much rather read on my Kindle, which I admit is the primary reason I have an iPhone. I think of it as a teeny, tiny Kindle device.

    1. I am a sucker for that kind of game. It's like a puzzle, not too intensive, fun to see things blow up from time to time. I figure if I can have issues putting down a game like that, why on earth would I ever play an MMORPG? I'd never leave something like Guild Wars etc.


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