Tuesday, May 22

Guess what I've got?

Two little blastocycsts are hanging out in my uterus at the moment.  Just me and my multi-celled babies.  Well, and Mr. Lina, he's around taking care of pretty much everything.  I just sit.  And read.  And play games on the Playbook.  And nap.  Lots of naps. 

The clinic actually told me the wrong day for transfer.  I got a panicked email on Friday, following up the voice mail they left that I needed to be in on Monday at 11:20.  They just caught me before I left work.  I would have checked for messages at some point over the weekend, sometimes they adjust appointment times to accommodate the more time sensitive egg retrievals, but it was close.  So we camped until Sunday night and headed home.

The transfer is seriously so easy and quick.  The hard part I suppose is getting your bladder to the right level of full.  We got to the clinic at 11:20 and I thought I could pee, but I wasn't quite sure how full my bladder was.  When I was sent to get blood drawn first, I thought this was good, they were likely behind schedule and this would buy my bladder time.  I knew I had drank enough fluids.  Then noon comes.  We were called to the basement and I'm starting to feel... uncomfortable.  I was given a gown to change into, hair cover and booties (Mr. Lina gets that too, it really is treated like a surgery) and I went to the washroom to change.  Wow, when my bladder realized there was a toilet in the room and I wasn't peeing, things went from uncomfortable to painful.  And yes, it was too full.  Ultrasound sent me back to pee out 4 styrofoam cups worth.  Oops.

As mentioned, two blasts were transferred, both look very good according to my doctor.  We get to see them on a computer screen, but I'm no embryologist it's just cool to see them.  It's the tiniest little catheter that holds them so no discomfort there at all.  I had to rest 20 minutes at the clinic and then I was free to go.  Well, to go home and rest on a different couch.

Prometrium really is throwing me for a loop.  I needed a nap every day we were camping.  With a very tiny amount of rum and juice on Friday I actually needed assistance getting back to the tent.  Sigh.  I think my total drinking for the weekend summed up to about 5 mixed drinks.  Not that I mind, but it was pretty evident to anyone around me I just wasn't myself between 4-7pm.  I'm not sure how that's going to work when I get back to work.  I remember being tired with past cycles, but not stupid and believe you me, my brain just is not fuctioning for parts of the day.

And for anyone going through this, my suggestions are..
  • Take an extra tshirt, my clinic is a bit chilly in the basement so a shirt under the hospital gown is nice but ultrasound goo is going to get on it. 
  • Socks, I take the fuzzy slipper socks types
  • Something to read for the pre-wait and post-wait.
That's about it.  Transfer is just a happy day of hope.  Now to catch up on all of your blogs...


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. Praying that you are successful this time around! Maybe even get a two-fer, wouldn't that be awesome? :-) Rest up, and enjoy being pampered. ;-)

  3. I am so excited for you. I will keep you and Mr. Lina in my thoughts. :)

  4. I am crossing every body part I can think of, hoping & praying for you. Hugs.

  5. Good luck! I am sending every single good thought your way, like a missile attack of positives.

    I can so empathize with the fatigue -- I've been battling hormonal fatigue for two days and every time I sit down, I do the "micro sleep" thing. You know, where you fall asleep for microseconds and then jolt awake. But do I sleep better at night? NOOOO.... Anyway, hope the brain fog isn't too bad!

  6. What a strangely exciting state to be in! Like the others, I will cross appendages and perform any other minor rituals you can think of that are likely to be helpful ;). I swear, sometimes I think the whole internal gestation thing was a mistake... So many things would be so much easier if we just laid eggs. ;)

    Good luck with the napping. And, y'know, the rest of it.

  7. And thanks to you all, I feel wonderfully surrounded by hope and good will. Naps are going fine, they pass the time.

  8. Sending all kinds of good juju, fairy dust and mysterious light your way! And crossing everything!


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