Friday, May 18

Long Weekend Ahead

Happy Victoria Day, May 2-4 (prounounced two-four, like a case of beer), May long, whatever you want to call it, happy-happy.  Victoria Day is to celebrate Queen Victoria and is the Monday prior to the 25th which is her birthday. 

But what does it mean to me?  Oh, time for a list...
  • A good time to plant annuals, frost risk is very low here after May long
  • My portulaca can finally find a home in the front garden
  • Camping!  We've camped this weekend every year we could (weddings and IVF have caused problems in the past)
  • Fireworks!  I don't generally seek out fireworks, but the camp ground we go to does if the weather allows.
  • Last weekend of drinking prior to transfer, no I won't go too crazy but I get to savour a last rum & coke for a while.
  • Pray for no rain.  Or snow.  I have seen it snow twice while camping, but it didn't stick around either time.  This year looks awesome, no rain until late Monday, highs over 20C every day.
  • Sleep - a very good thing because this prometrium is seriously beyond drowsy. 
    • At the end of my workday yesterday, I sent a short power point deck and associated data, didn't put a title on the first page.
    • At least I noticed, albeit after hitting send.
    • I decided I needed a nap prior to driving home, went up to the sick room where they have a reclining chair
    • I set my cell alarm to go off in 20 minutes but didn't actually turn it on
    • Slept for 45 min and only woke up because I heard cleaners in the hallway
    • Left my sweater at work
    • Got home and forgot to lock my car
    • Mr. Lina suggested dinner at a nearby pub and get camping groceries together in the same plaza
    • He told me at the restaurant I looked high
    • He said that with his "don't you look so cute" smirk on his face
    • Got to work this morning and I see I also left my power cord here.
  • Comfort camping - this is group camping at it's finest, last year we had about 35 people, many are kids, friends of friends I only see camping.  Our main camp site will have:
    • 40' by 40' walled tent that acts as the "compound"
    • dish washing station, a couple of coleman stoves in the cooking station, two picnic tables for eating, gaming etc
    • a smoker
    • a BBQ
    • last year we had another small tent off the main compound specifically for poker/cards
    • One attendee usually brings a flat screen tv and his satallite dish so he can watch UK soccer
    • Pretty sure he had solar panels on his truck to power those last year
    • On a cold year the tv person also brought a propane heater like they have on patios at restaurants
    • MMM  and camping do not go together very well.  So much of what I make for myself is work appropriate or I'd cry if an ember from the fire hit it and caused a hole.  Even my me made panties are too pretty.  Best I can do this weekend if maybe my bra and if we count the bags I made for gear as me-made.  So potential gap to fill, or, as time goes by, maybe I'll end up with shorts that are good for camping and as shirts age I won't feel so protective.
So it is unlike the rest of the summer camping where it's generally Mr. Lina and I.  This is a lot of people and a lot of food will be coming out of that smoker.  So tasty...  The tricky part will be keeping track of the medication I have to take (and this is still better than injectable, I'm not complaining, just planning).  Generally camping is an eat when you are hungry, sleep when you are tired (daily naps here I come!) type thing, but...  I take:
  • Metformin - 3 times a day with food, odds are we'll eat a late breakfast and dinner, so somewhere I have to remember the third dose
  • Baby aspirin and vitamin E are single pills that aren't dependent on time, I usually take them with breakfast so it's done for the day
  • Prenatal vitamin - 2 pills twice a day preferably with food, usually breakfast and dinner
  • Estrace - twice a day, preferably 12 hours apart
  • Prometrium - 2 pills 3 times a day, preferably spaced out to keep my hormone levels even, so right now, 7am, 3pm, 11pm.  I'm not planning on being awake at 7am this weekend so we'll see how it shifts or if I just set an alarm to swallow those pills and fall back asleep, I know I will
This year the forget me nots have decided to take over the lawn.  They are suppose to stay in the flower bed but they think they can take on my lilac bush.  I have to say they look pretty.  They are just starting to go to seed, I'll have to take steps to curb their enthusiasm, but aren't they pretty?


  1. Happy long weekend to you too. I really hope this weather keeps up for you! Where are you camping? And that's an insane camping style :-) (Note: I have never camped and don't much intend to. I like real walls and beds and bathrooms!) Mind you, it's almost like you're going to a cottage.

    1. We go to Flaborough Valley Campground, down the road from African Lion Safari. It's a nice middle ground for the folks coming from KW and those of us closer to Toronto. It is about as close to a cottage as car camping gets. No TV this year though.

  2. My husband and I are rainmakers. Seriously. For example southern California in July it rained on us. I was considering advertising our services. The last time we camped there were 3 wet dogs and 4 pissed off and soaking wet adults checking into a motel at 3am. We sold the camping equipment, and haven't gone camping since. One year we rented a motor home, but I don't count that as camping, it really was a motel room on wheels.

    It sounds like you will have a great time. Enjoy.

    1. That made me laugh. I've been in a few motels on wheels, it's a nice middle ground if you want to camp for the 'smores. ;)

  3. I planned a full sewing weekend. Hasn't quite happened yet.
    I hate camping. I went with my family when I was a kid. My husband and I did it before we could afford flights and hotels. I understand the appeal. It just isn't for me anymore.
    I have a serger class this morning that I got free with my serger purchase! Can't wait!
    Have fun!

    1. I absolutely understand it's not for everyone. I'm not keen on camping in the rain myself.
      Good to hear a class came with your serger, they certainly scare me a little.

  4. It sounds like a wonderful camping trip! I haven't camped since my daughter outgrew the girl scout troop I led. I was always too stressed out to enjoy that much, but she is now a regular camper so I guess it went ok. Love the forget-me-nots!

    1. The difference of being the camper and the camp organizer, it's got to be hard to be in the moment when you are responsible for a troop.

  5. Happy Victoria Day! Hope your camping trip went well and you were not too sleepy to enjoy yourself. I am not a camper, but have never been camping with friends so it's hard to say if I would enjoy it (camping with parents or with Scouts is a very different experience). Anyhow, sounds like you have quite the luxurious set-up!

    1. I think it's the unplugged aspect I like about camping, well, less so for May long but in general. No computers, no computer games, just the people you went with and what you brought. Oh and the food, I really like the food we take camping.


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