Friday, May 11

Cheers for Friday!

The end of the week is nearly here.  I have again been done in by the tasty mochaccinos and feel a little flighty and headachy.  I should know the second one is just not as good (physically) as the first.  So time for a list...
  • HOTCHA! are coming tomorrow
  • Attendance is looking promising, somewhere around 14-16 adults and I think 9 kids
  • Even with fewer adults than ideal, it's going to feel like a full house with 9 kids running around.
  • No clue what I'm feeding anyone yet.  I need to plan out lunch for the 4 of us and snacks for the bigger group and a "just in case we need it" dinner
  • Grocery shopping is in order to feed people something other than pickles.
  • House cleaning is also required, Mr. Lina gets full credit for cleaning a lot already, I have been a slacker and the kitchen is a mess.
  • I finally got to chat with the person with CAS today.  First step is attending an information night that is hosted monthly.  Mr. Lina will be on a training course during the June session, they don't offer one in July, so... my choices were Wednesday or possibly August.
  • August seemed a long ways away, so we're going next week.
  • Mother's Day is usually a really hard time for me, I feel a lot of should have-could haves and I hate all the sentimental radio contests and commercials about how wonderful mothers are. 
  • I'm pretty wonderful and I'm not a mom (not to knock all you moms out there, but in my warped mind, it starts to feel like I can't be wonderful if I am not a mom based on their phrasing).
  • YET.
  • Maybe it's being midway through this FET or being too busy to notice it's nearly here, but it's not hurting as much as past years.
  • Of course, Sunday isn't here yet so I'm not exactly out of the woods.
  • I really should see if my parents are expecting us to see them Sunday.  They will be at the house concert and I am planning on sending her home with the fuchsia hanging basket.
  • Maybe that's enough.
  • My mom used to buy my Nana a fuchsia plant every year, so I always buy her one now.  This year is white with a purple interior, it is very tempting to keep it myself.
  • Archer is a very funny, very adult content cartoon.  Think... Arrested Development (much of the voice work is from that cast) meets Johnny Quest/Venture Brothers (similar art) in a James Bond/Get Smart/Austin Powers type spy world.
  • And it's on NetFlix
  • And Stephen King, bah, it's his fault I'm drinking so many tasty mochaccinos.  Mr Lina didn't come to bed until quite late and I didn't realize what time it was because I was reading.  I should not stay up until midnight on Thursdays.
  • Just realized I have two Sencha blouses that I have not been wearing since last summer.
  • One needs new buttons, the fabric on the covered buttons came off in New Orleans.
  • I have a feeling there is a reason I stopped wearing the other one too.
And some music for your weekend.  New Years Eve we hosted Dave McEathron and Bryan Butler.  Dave put 3 clips of the show at our house on YouTube, this is "I Will".  You can see Mr. Lina very briefly near the end in the right corner.  Welcome to my basement...


  1. I too, am not a lover of Mothers Day. When you are not a mom and yours is gone it isn't a good day. Hope you survive yours. Hugs.

    1. I have survived, it was one of the better ones.

  2. I had a horrible mother, all the gooey mummy stuff makes me a little sick, cause I don't think of mine that way. She was the Person To Escape From as soon as possible. And being a mother with someone like that in my past terrifies me.

    I guess we all have baggage, and maybe mothers day is a good time for a little female solidarity? I know heaps of ppl don't have our various issues, and I can celebrate with them even though I feel like I'm on the "outside". It's not like they got together to create a holiday that makes me want to drink a vat of wine and cry my eyes out. :)

    1. The thought of people tossing ideas around a board room "hmm, how can we make people drink vats of wine and cry.... Oh I know, let's celebrate mothers!" That's funny stuff right there.

  3. Ha, I HATE Mother's Day -- partly for StephC's reason, and partly because it makes me sad that I don't have a close family. My family more or less just tolerated me. I really try to deemphasize Hallmark holidays with my kids so they don't end up having the same expectations/disappointment issues I do.

    Oddly enough, I realized the other day that I don't know when my mom's birthday is (I know it's around the end of March). That should give you some clue as to our relationship. So Mother's Day is always an extra guilt trip because I never send her a card or anything for her birthday. Gah.

    Mochaccinos are evil, but tasty. The concert sounds like a blast! And now I need to watch Archer. I've added it to my queue before, but took it off the list because I wasn't sure if I would like it. I'm not generally a fan of animated shows. However, I LOVE Arrested Development so clearly this is something I should look into. Also, check out Better Off Ted. It only ran for two seasons, but it's a combination of Arrested Development and Office Space. OMG, SO funny!

    1. You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. Sometimes you have to look out for your own mental healh overall even if it means making tough decisions.

      I think you'd like it. Mr. Lina started watching it without me, made me come down to see the first 2 minutes again, watched 8 episodes alone and then watched them all again so I could see it with him.

      Better off Ted has been on our radar, but I haven't watched it yet.

  4. I'm not a hug fan either. We need to form a club. As a non-breeder by choice people act very weirdly toward you- like you hate kids or ran a brownie troop over. On Mothers day people try to make you feel better by reminding you that your animals are your children. People, I am not delusional- I don't need to dress up the dogs and have them send me flowers- I made a decision. I hope you get lots of hugs today.

    1. An anti-mothers day club... that female solidarity that Steph suggests. Sounds good to me. Wait a minute... people remind you that your pets are your children? Hmm. It would not have crossed my mind. Pets are totally family members, I see that, but they don't send flowers.

  5. I feel like I should apologize (to all of you) on behalf of mothers (both good and bad). :P

    Us breeders need to convince ourselves that the sacrifice, intense stress, and massive workload that is parenting is worth it, and sometimes that expresses itself as being down on the non-breeders. Which is utterly lame. No one should have kids they don't want (or more kids than they can handle). And the fact that people who've actually *decided* to become parents, having thought it through, and then can't... well, that's just infuriating.

    Hugs, Ms. Lina.

  6. I was saying to Mr. Lina this morning that I was a bit surprised by the comments this post sparked. It seems there are lots of reasons to find Mother's Day a soft spot. For me, the issues are in my own head space and the phrasing of a lot of radio contests. This year was helped that my favourite talk radio didn't really make a big deal of it, the only contest they ran was for "worst" parent won by someone who sends their kid to guides with the badges stapled on.

    And... I completely agree with you. People should have the kids they want (or don't want) and treat them as such.


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