Friday, May 25

The nightgown that does not want to be

When I was in my pj craze, I bought a small piece of striped seersucka (you know that's just stuck for me now).  It was just over a metre and what was left on the bolt.  I figured I just wanted pj's, how much would I really need?  So I took it.

Far right fabric.  Was I ever in a pink/red mood that day.

I decided instead of doing a top and bottom, I'd do a short nightie, again, how much fabric could that take?

Let's say more than 1m of 45" fabric.

I didn't figure that out until I cut the front out.


So yesterday I thought I'd pick it up and see what I could fake about it.  Maybe the back would be pieced or two fabrics, there is always something.  I ended up cutting the back in two pieces instead of on the fold, one piece with the stripes up and down like the front, the other with the stripes horizontal.

I don't regret this, I actually like the way that looks and started thinking that would have made a nicer front than back.  I was feeling pretty smart when it went together.

The pattern calls for facings but I figured I'd go all Sorbetto on it and just do bias tape around the edges.  I made the bias tape and while I could have paid more attention to the direction of the bias stripes at some seams, it folded and creased easily.  Prior to attaching, I realized it was together enough to see how it looked.

So I tried it on.

My poor (tender and expanding) breasts are squished.  You will not see pictures of it on me as it because my nipples show through it's so tight. 

When cutting the back, I forgot that it was suppose to be on the fold and didn't add the extra seam allowance.  Thus, I did not sew with much of a seam allowance to make up for that mistake.  I could maybe gain a half inch in total letting out the side seams and using an overlock stitch to have a minimal seam allowance.  That might let me breathe but it isn't enough.

So, now the project is sitting waiting for me to have another brainstorm on how I can cut it open and make another "design feature" with the very tiny scraps of fabric I have left (the big scrap went into bias tape).  Maybe an insert at the front?  An extra V at the side seam?  A little chevron V a the middle front?  At least I'd have two places where the stripes were doing odd things and maybe look intentional.  It's okay around the hips (good because I do not have enough for a full side panel) it's really just a bust issue.

Past that, I really like it.  Enough that it's worth saving.



  1. Do you have a coordinating fabric that you could use to put in side panels? Maybe something lacy? I'm not very good at (or patient with) fixing this sort of thing, so I'm probably not much help.

  2. Wow, two tries on that sort of thing is pretty much my limit, then I put the fabric aside for another use. Perhaps a coordinating jersey for side panels? You could put in a decorative triangle at the neckline (like a sweatshirt triangle) so it looks intentional.

  3. I like the idea of coordinating panels. Although if your breast-size is non-standard right now you might want to put it on hold until normalcy is restored. I would totally have done the same thing with forgetting to add seam allowance. :)


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