Thursday, May 10

Fantasy Orange Sewing

So... it seems proof reading was not one of my strengths last night.  I updated the title so it's not Fantasty but just Fantasy Orange Sewing.  As tasty as oranges are, I don't plan on eating zippers or bias tape.

What a week.  I am still tap dancing a bit at work and I really should be doing some of it now but I need me-time too.  There have been some long days this week, a few stressful tears on Wednesday, but I see a little light at the end of the tunnel.  By the time the FET gets here, I'll be ready for a couple of days off.

In April, I debated about doing Me Made May.  It seems like a lot of fun and I can see how there is learning if your challenge is appropriate to your current wardrobe.  I think I can wear something self made every day, even if some days it's just my bra and panties.  But I opted not to officially join because with the FET (and Mother's Day is typically not good for my mental health), it seemed like too much.  To participate, I would need to set the bar so low it really wasn't a challenge which defeats the purpose.  I have, however, been trying to pay attention to what  I have been wearing, picking more me-made items and seeing if I'm up to it.  So far so good.  8 days I've worn external me-made clothing, 2 days it was only my own bra and panties, but still, I'm wearing something I made every day.  I would have found it impossible to document.  I appreciate all the pictures participants put together, the weekly collages, and I am so not able to take daily pictures right now.

And in the spirit of fantasy sewing...  I won a pile of orange.  I thought I'd see if there was anything that would match/contrast well with the lovely assortment of orange.  And you know what I bought last month?

Indoor lighting sure changes the colours in pictures.  The picture on the right is a daylight picture from when I bought the fabric, left I took tonight with some of the orange assortment.  It sure is a vibrant print.  I bought 2m (45" wide) of cotton sateen, a lovely weight for a skirt or fitted dress.  It is soft to touch, but too heavy for anything with pleats, blousing or bulk, it wouldn't drape well and I don't need additional bulk.  Now to find the right pattern that requires an orange zipper (or three).  I have a RTW A-line skirt in a similar weight fabric that I wear a lot in summer, something similar would be nice.  I could use the same pattern I used for the grey corouroy skirt, I like the shape of it (although the waist could use a little tweaking).
Or maybe B5147, they say I'd need 2.2m of 115cm wide fabric for that black dress on the bottom.  I have 2m and whatever little extra I got on the cutting table, but I'm short.  I would likely lose 10cm or so in length so maybe I could eek it out.  I like the idea of a dress because I'd need to make a top to go with a skirt, my black t's would be fine on the weekend but not for work.  A dress would need some black accents to just tone it down a bit.

Also in my list of fantasy sewing is a Sorbetto top to go with my pj bottoms.  I am finding that I like wearing the shorts around the house.  They are quite comfortable and the right mix of ease to be both comfortable and not feeling bulky.  Honestly I have only slept in them once, but they are finding a spot in my wardrobe and washed up to bubbly seersucka goodness.

Fantasy sewing #3 is more funtional.  I could actually use more Renfrews, but without the cowl so they aren't so distinctive.  I wore the purple one today with a black skirt and felt really good, but it's getting a shade too warm for them.  Three quarter sleeve in a more breathable knit would be handy.  Also, bottoms.  I have a lot of dresses and tops, one skirt, and no pants.  So either I'm head to toe in a dress I made or it's a top.  More skirts or pants would give me more versatility for a Me Made Month.

And reminders to myself for the next FET:
  • Biore face cloth are actually keeping the hormone acne at a reasonable level.  Break outs have been an issue in some cycles but not all.  It's pretty bad this time with pimples popping up in non-typical spots like beside my eyes at the side of my face and between my nose and lips.  I don't like using chemicals but salicylic acid in those cloths are keeping the teenage look at bay.
  • Day after intralipids I felt awake and amazing, it was a very productive day.
  • Insomnia is a side effect of Lupron.  I was rereading a personal journal from a few years ago and I noted restless nights and that Lupron may be to blame.  I am sleeping, but it is taking me longer to fall asleep (which I was attributing to work stress and Mr. Lina snoring, I usually sleep through it if I fall asleep first and nose strips made a huge difference) and I'm restless at night - hot, cold, dreaming, etc.  Mr. Lina and I were actually talking to each other at 3am last night.  
Although work is a little crazy, there are some good things.  The presentation I gave on Monday?  I thought it went well, but you never know when you leave the room if the audience was saying one thing to your face and another to each other (and I was still a bit tired from that gravol).  It seems the coworker who sold in that project was at the client site on Tuesday and one of the attendees crossed the room to specifically give positive feedback on the value of my presentation.  My coworker wrote up a summary of that conversation and sent it to me, my manager, my former manager (she probably didn't know my reporting changed) and up her food chain too.  We're actually going to submit for formal feedback that will count to my performance review for next year.  It was quite nice to get recognition and a little ego boost in the midst of craziness.  Honestly it was a really small amount of work to run the data, but they hadn't seen something like that before so they just needed a little hand holding on how to read it.  It was not the most difficult or complicated work I've done even this week, but it was of value to them so that's what matters.


  1. I vote for the dress -- just lay out your pieces beforehand so you can see if you have enough. But that fabric really looks like it would be the perfect summer dress and I love the orange accents!

    Me-Made-May has been difficult in terms of getting photos done, but good for expanding my clothing repertoire. I find myself trying harder to figure out new clothing combinations so I'm not wearing the same outfit over and over. Sewing has unfortunately taken a back seat to other things this week so I'm doing a lot of fantasy sewing as well.

    Salicylic acid actually causes worse breakouts for me. I get the hormonal thing too, but what really triggers the zits are dairy and high-fat foods. I'm battling a few uglies right now, yay. :-(

    1. Dress was definitely my first thought when I was purchasing it. I will definitely be laying out the pattern to see how it fits. I forget that with the shorter width I really should buy a little more if I'm not sure what pattern I want it for.

      It has been nice to see more of your house in MMM.

      I'm not sure why I bought it, but it sure has come in handy. I think it was my second cycle my face was a mess and I went to Lush to try and sort it out but I think a lot of their masks needed time to sort it out, and being hormonal, I needed a fix that worked immediately. It's not necessarily making it all go away, but I think the individual pimples are not lasting as long or getting as big, thus, less noticable. But it is really drying, I don't think it would work for me long-term either.


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