Tuesday, January 31

Questions anyone?

I'm working on having a FAQ page.  When I visit a blog for the first time, I like reading a little summary of them.  Even just 2 sentences that pretty much says "I do/not have kids/cats/significant other.  Isn't sewing wonderful" sums up where they are coming from.  When people use a lot of made up names and words, I like a little cheat sheet when I'm new to their blog so I get the in jokes. 

Now a Frequently Asked Question implies that more than one person asked you.  Thus far, I'm just writing out what I would ask about, but that would be a FARQ - frequently asked rhetorical question (at least until I develop a second personality to answer I suppose). 

So... any questions? 

And while I'm looking for comments...

A while back, I signed up for Living in Red's Pay it Forward.  I think I had written maybe 25 posts and there were like 3 people visiting a week.  There are a few of you commenting (thank you!  it still makes me giggle) and there are more of you reading, so maybe it's worth revising that post. 

The deal is that Living in Red will be sending me something within 365 days.  I would send something hand made to the first three people who replied to that post.  Now I am looking forward to whatever Living in Red is going to send me, she does such beautiful work both sewing and knitting (those shawls are to die for), but I sure will feel like I'm not living up to my end of the bargain without sending something to someone.  This is open to anyone (yes, you, in Portugal, Germany and Australia, I'm looking at you), I know the bulk of my readers are not from Canada (particularly when I take out the occasional boost from Mr. Lina reading a month of posts in one sitting - I once emailed him all excited that someone in Canada was reading multiple posts on my blog only to find out it was him).  The parameters of Pay It Forward require you to have a blog, but at this rate, I'll send something to anyone so long as I don't feel guilty about getting an awesome surprise.


  1. A FAQ, hey? I always look for someone's geographic location first... It makes a difference when I'm reading them, words mean different things in different areas of the world...

    I'm not sure what it means, Pay it Forward? Like, you send something to me and I send things I made to three other people? Is that it?

    1. I'm with you on geography.

      It was a little meme. First 3 to sign up get a gift from me. They in turn need to post it on their blog for 3 people to sign up to them.

  2. I agree with Steph, where you're at (at least very generally) is nice to have. Hmm, I should probably feature that a bit more prominently in my "about" page...
    How did you get into sewing?
    What are your favourite things to sew?
    What are your least favourite (things to sew, fabrics, whatever)?
    I try to steer clear of the Pay it Forward things because I'm terrible about mailing stuff, sorry. :(

    1. Good questions, hadn't thought along those lines at all.
      Yeah... I suck at mailing stuff too. I still have the earphones that a friend from the UK left behind in June. I think we'll see him in person before I get around to mailing them.

  3. Well, I think I know whereabouts you live, but I'd like to know what industry you work in.

    1. I'll see how I can word that. My clients aren't really suppose to know where I spend my other days so I have to be fairly vague to a broader community.

  4. Let's see...I know where you live, I have some general ideas about your job.... I have no idea what else to ask, LOL. I guess I feel like blogging is a conversation and I'm supposed to pick up information slowly?

    I'll do Pay It Forward! I have an idea for my own Pay It Forward already.

    1. I would agree with blogs being a slow getting to know you, totally agree.

      YAY! Guilt appeased!


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