Wednesday, January 25

Do you hear that?

It's my half finished bra calling me.  It is lonely, only one cup sewn in, the other limply waiting to join the band.  I was thinking about it as I was walking back to my desk and realized, it's going to have to wait a while.


Tonight we're off to see Corin Raymond and the Sundowners at the Tranzac.  I'm so freaking proud of Corin, he has raised $1,000 in Canadian Tire money.  For the Canadians in the audience, he was even mentioned on This Hour Has 22 Minutes last night.  I've added a new blog roll at the side for musician blogs.  He's posted about this on Don't Spend It Honey.

Saturday we're going to a wedding, same bride as the bachelorette party.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's in the distillery district in Toronto, always a nice place to visit.  We decided that we'd get a hotel so we didn't have to have a driver. 

From the Distillery District web site

Weddings are a great time for us to dance.  We have taken lessons off and on as schedules allow (this is an off period) for both ballroom and latin dancing.  Cha cha, salsa, merengue, tango, waltz, rhumba, fox trot and just a tiny bit of swing.  I'd say cha-cha, tango and foxtrot are our fortes but rhumba and waltz are useful for weddings.  Mr. Lina once dragged me out to tango to American Woman at a wedding.  Kid you not, it worked.  Cha-cha is great for nearly any modern/disco song they play at weddings.  So much more practical than I ever expected.  Here's hoping they have a decent sized dance floor, I hate feeling penned in when people don't understand floor craft.

Sunday evening we've been invited to dinner at my aunt & uncles house.  Given that they are north east of Toronto, we might just kick around Toronto a bit for the day instead of going home only to drive east again.  This might depend on how bad the hangover is. 

I do have two dresses I'm debating between for the wedding.  Either Lekala 5432 that I wore to the wedding in October or the red dress I wore for the work Christmas party.  If I wear Lekala (which I am leaning towards, different friends, they haven't seen this dress), I need shoes (my favourite black heels are broken).  I also would like some shapewear for smoother lines at the back.  So shopping is in order.  I'd wear my strappy silver sandals with the red dress.  Bare legs for a wedding that is not in the same venue as the hotel will be rather chilly for January.

So if shopping does not happen Thursday night, I might make some headway.  If it does, and I do buy shoes, then maybe Friday night I'll have time to sew.  Here's hoping one night is shopping and the other sewing.  I don't want both to be shopping.  There is going to be some serious pouting going on from that half finished bra if I have to wait until Monday.


  1. Wow, busy life! (Ok, mine's busy too, but it tends to be full deadline-overtime and taking people to doctor's appointments...)

    I hate having to wait to work on an exciting project. Your poor, pouting bra. Good luck with the shopping!

    1. 2 kids makes for a whole lot of different-busy.

  2. oooooh... Tango to American Woman- no kidding, I got goosebumps. Lucky girl!

    1. :D It's not often we get to tango, I was so happy he caught that the timing would work.


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