Thursday, January 26

Time Management

Concert was great last night.  Raghu Lokanathan opened up for them, we hosted him in late October, it seems I only mentioned it in passing at the time.  Two of his songs will be on the final album.  It's going to be worth getting it just to hear Corin's version of "Genius".  Corin hit $1,500 in Canadian Tire money at the show.  You can see the finale performance of the show last night, "Don't Spend it Honey" on Now magazine web site.  Not that you can see me, but I was pretty close to the piano.

Down side?  It ended at 11:50.  Plus a drive home, brush my teeth... it was 1:30am when I went to bed.  Ouch.  I am glad we couldn't go to the Tuesday night show, I would have been a wreck by now.

But... I made use of my lunch hour today.  Went to Winners, found shoes (although I'm not totally in love with them, they will do), nylons and two options for support garments.  We'll see what I prefer.  I've never made decisions while shopping so fast.  It was a little surreal for me.  I enjoy the process of shopping for shoes, this was very purpose driven.  Are they closed toe shoes?  Is the heel too ridiculous for future use at work and dancing?  Are there stupid looking bows?  Do they hurt within 30 seconds of wearing them?  Yes, no, no, no... double check the price isn't ridiculous (ooh, leather soles, bonus - could become dance lesson shoes)... and purchase.  Fit was kind of far down the list there.

Tonight I think I am too tired to sew.  I'll just make mistakes.  Better to rest up tonight, read all of your blogs, have a bath and be all set for tomorrow. 

This is very true to Raghu's performance at our house, the Corin version is a little more rowdy.  The first 2:30 is the story behind the song, so if you're pressed for time, skip to about that point.  This song does have the word fucking very prominently in the chorus, if you have ah... sensitive ears, this may not be the song for you.  Personally, I think it's brilliant.  You all know someone like this.


  1. Great song! Hope you aren't too tired after all that this weekend -- why is it that social events always happen in groups?? I swear, it's some sort of conspiracy, like they wait to gang up on us all at once!

    If this goes through, I'll know my commenting problem is fixed so here's hoping...

    1. Yay to comments! It's good to see you back amongst us.

      Thursday and Friday night ended up being low key time at home. I slept for a rediculous amount last night, all set and ready for the wedding.

      Glad you like the song. :)


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