Thursday, February 2

About Me is Live

Thank you all for your help in things to include in an About Me section.  It's likely too long but that's the way I write.

Things are a bit busy chez Seraphinalina.  We're hosting a house concert tomorrow night, Debra Lyn Neufeld.  She's bringing a steel body guitar to the basement for an night of blues.  Tonight will require some serious house cleaning and appetizer making.  I should have done more last night but I was tired.  I was reading cookbooks trying to come up with a menu and grocery list and I couldn't focus at all.

Debra Lyn is staying the night with us, so I imagine the morning will be slow moving and a bit of post-concert clean up.  We're going into Toronto to see Samantha Martin and the Haggard.  It's a 4-7 show at Graffiti's Bar & Grill (170 Baldwin Street).  Sam is gearing up to releasing their second album, how can you go wrong with a Pay-What-You-Can event?  We hosted Sam and Mike in May for a house concert.  She's got a voice that will just blow you away.  If you like blues/country, maybe a CCR cover, she's your girl.

And Sunday morning I'm in a bowling tournament.  It's an Ontario 5 Pin Bowling Association (O5PBA) event which means it draws from all kinds of leagues, from social seniors to seriously competitive.  Prizes are great if you move on to win the whole thing, a trip to Dominican Republic maybe, but this is 2 tournaments away from that.  Second prize a few years ago was salad tongs.  Third prize an outdoor thermometer.  Clearly, this is not the kind of tournament to get super excited about.  Still, it's fun to bowl with people in my league who aren't on my team, this particular tournament is at the alley that I grew up bowling in.  It will be good to see the owner, bowl on real wood instead of synthetic.  I am looking forward to it.

You know what I am doing Sunday afternoon?  I'm going to muslin up some pants because I've got version 1 of my pants blocker from the Consultative Dressmaker sitting in my email inbox.  Who knew I'd be so excited about pants?

Have a listen to Samantha Martin.  She kicks all kinds of ass.



  1. Oooh, yay! Pants muslin!

    ... oh, yeah, there was other stuff in there, too. ;) Have a great house concert! :)

    1. Ha! Yes, figured you'd notice the one line about pants. That made me laugh.

  2. just reading about your weekend makes me tired. have a good weekend. good luck on the pants. not that you will need it of course 8-)

    1. It was tiring. Perhaps a little too tiring to make as much headway on the pants as I hoped.


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